Enable BlackBerry SmartCard on your PC


smartcard.jpgIt’s like RIM works while we’re asleep - always cooking up things just so we can write about them in the morning. Mobile Tech News reports that announced enhancements to the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader software that will allow the smart card reader to facilitate controlled access over a Bluetooth connection to a PC running Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or higher).

“The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader features a lightweight, wearable design. It supports the ISO 7816 specification for smart cards, including support for Department of Defense Common Access Cards (CACs) and the DataKey/Safenet 330 cards. The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader can utilize the embedded security credentials of a smart card to provide two-factor authenticated access via Bluetooth to both BlackBerry handsets and PCs.”

This development is great for all too many reasons. Convenience, prevention of unauthorized access, advanced security features, and lots, lots more. Keeping you safe and secure - it’s what the BlackBerry is there for, right?

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