RepliGo Professional goes 2.0 on the BlackBerry

Ever wish you could go 2.0 and upgrade yourself? Yeah, that’d be pretty swell. Thankfully, the tech industry isn’t waiting on us to evolve and turns their efforts to 2.0′ing some of your favourite applications and such (roundabout way of getting to the point, I know), and RepliGo Professional is a fine, fine example of 2.0 gone good. Cerience just launched the update for the award-winning application that includes updated “powerful” new faxing, printing and document management capabilities. Powerful.

“With the new features of RepliGo Professional, we’ve combined our world class document viewing technology with features that extend the workplace of all BlackBerry users,” said Lynn Formanek, president of Cerience. “Customers now have the flexibility to access, print and share documents in situations that go beyond email.”

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