RIM digs new ground in Halifax

RIM is one of those companies that makes, or should make, Canadians feel proud. Sure, they head off to other lands to make some decent dollars, but they never forget their roots - and a new seed has been planted, this time in Halifax, Nova Scotia (East Coast represent!). On Thursday, RIM broke ground for a 20-hectare tech support facility, part of RIM’s plan to bring in “up to 1,200 employees over the next five years as part of its $230-million expansion.”

“Certainly location is key, the size and the skilled workforce that’s available to us, and we’ve been thoroughly impressed to date by the Nova Scotia talent and skilled labour that we’ve been able to recruit into our current facility. It’s absolutely fantastic.” said Peter Broughall, vice-president of customer support operations for the Waterloo, Ont.-based company.

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