Bacon on BlackBerry: Surfing, scrolling, software, and more

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Morning, class. Magmic’s Jeff Bacon turns in a solid paper this week, answering all of your questions. This week he touches on browsing options on your device, software for voice dialing, email-related nonsense, and then some. Jeff likes feeling needed, so if you’ve got any inquiries at all (anything), drop him an e at . Welcome to Monday, folks. - Steve

Q: I hope you can help me understand my situation. I must say I’m somewhat confused about how the whole BlackBerry thing works — sounds like a money-grabbing scam if I’m understanding things correctly.

About a year ago, I “won” a BB 7100v handset. I’ve not been in a position to use the handset until my work moved to Vodafone UK. I installed the Vodafone sim card, and presto, I can make and receive phone calls. What are my options for internet access? My company’s package includes data access (GPRS), although the package doesn’t allow for any specific blackberry services to be added just for me.

Am I in possession of an expensive paperweight? must BIS/BES be provisioned so I can get internet access (WAP browsing/ Application access).

A: Data and voice are separate services for your BlackBerry. This allows you to pick and choose data and voice plans (provided your carrier separates them) that meet your needs. WAP and BIS are provisioned separately by the carrier. You may be able to ask for WAP access to be enabled on your account and then browse the web via WAP however this is usually an expensive proposition on the BB as WAP plans for carriers are designed for phones that do limited data transfer.

The best option is to get BIS service added to your plan but this will probably cost you extra. It’s carrier dependent how the separate various data services into service plans so you ‘ll have to ask them exactly what your options are but it will likely cost you more than a standard cell phone plans.

Q: Is there a way to get the web browser to show pages like they normally would, and not try to eliminate horizontal scrolling? I demoed the Palm 700p and that had that option. Yes, there was a lot of scrolling around, but at least the pages weren’t garbled.

A: The BlackBerry architecture (browser plus backend systems) works to optimize the web pages sent to your BlackBerry for speed and appearance on the BlackBerry screen. In most cases this works fairly well but I agree that in many cases a little horizontal scrolling wouldn’t hurt. For now, RIM does not provide that option but who knows what the future may hold.

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    necisito el sofware de la blackberry 7100v
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