Bacon on BlackBerry: third party app’s, calendars, and Bluetooth

The only reason I come in to work on Mondays is so I can see how sauvely Mr. Bacon over at Magmic handles your questions. It’s the only thing that gets me through the week. I might be exaggerating, but I’m sure you’re all thankful as this week he handles questions regarding third party programs for your BlackBerry, reminders on your calendars, and various Bluetooth queries. Merci, Jeff.

Q: Despite my love for the dependable and simplistic BB, all my Treo-branding friends love to show me all the cool, third party programs written for Palm OS. I have yet to find any truly good third party programs for the BB. Have you?

A: There are lots of programs available for the BlackBerry. Magmic Games makes a ton of cool games for the BB which you can find at There is a lot of other software around and BlackBerry Cool has a software directory for you to browse through:

Q: How do I change the durations for reminders in the calendar – or am I stuck with what is there? I would like a two week out and a month out reminder.

A: You can change the default reminder time on calendar appointments by opening the calendar, open the Options then set the ‘Default Reminder’ options. I as well would like to be able to set a set of reminders for each appointment by default but unfortunately you have to go set the reminder each time one fires off. So I have mine set for a 1 day reminder and when that goes off I reset the reminder to the next interval for that appointment I want. Maybe RIM will change their software in the future. Look ahead in the upcoming weeks for an article I’m writing on requests for RIM to add/change in their device software. If enough people agree then maybe RIM will do something about it.

Q: Is there an easy way to do a redial of the same number you last tried?

A: If you press the green ‘Call’ key under the screen, it will bring up your call log and you can select from there. I don’t know of a 1-key shortcut for dial-last-number. Maybe one of the readers can chime in on that one?

6 Responses to “Bacon on BlackBerry: third party app’s, calendars, and Bluetooth”

  1. 1 anonymous

    green key twice is redial last number

  2. 2 Chris Appel

    Why cant a $400.00 handheld such as the 8700C keep the correct time, and why can’t it update the time periodically from the network when you have it selected. The cheapest of cell phones can keep the correct time, why not the Blackberry?

  3. 3 Bacon on BlackBerry

    Call key twice! Nice! That’ll come in handy for a few people I’m sure.

  4. 4 Bacon on BlackBerry

    ok, so the dbl-green click is still two clicks… anyone got a 1-key solution? (not that the dbl green key is slow)

  5. 5 alan

    Regarding the first question on the second page… AutoLock can now be done on the Pearl:

  6. 6 Johan van den Berg

    Why does mp3 tunes on my BB 8310 not want to play back through a bluetooth headset? Is there a solution for this?

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