New BlackBerry Pearl themes

UPDATE: Those looking for more recent BlackBerry Pearl themes can check out the post link below

iBerry 2.0 Today Theme Available

You know, for once I wish they’d create something for a BlackBerry that whenever you enter a room, it plays your own theme music (just for kicks - what would you have as yours?). For now, we’ll have to settle for these themes. Reports from BBHub (via BlackBerryForums) have four new themes surfacing for your Pearl. The ones pictured are “Phantom” and one that should be classified as “Ugly Comic Book”. Check out two more after the jump. All available at . Cue theme music.

42 Responses to “New BlackBerry Pearl themes”

  1. 1 zyp

    So, I downloaded the BB Dimension Today Plus theme, and I love it. Its a great blend of my two favorite themes, with both the application launch bar on the bottom and the calendar/messages/missed call log on top. I like how when the application bar is active, the top stuff greys out, and likewise the application bar “hides” like the mac os dock.

  2. 2 Jason McCay

    Unfortunately, the Phantom theme is terribly slow, and take several minutes to initially load. The Today Plus theme is a great idea, but the cursor lags on the home screen and icons screen (accessed by pressing menu).

  3. 3 James Bond

    Sorry but i am just in love with the ‘Comic Book’ theme. Nice fonts, nice pics, excellent layout.

  4. 4 Tim

    You guys should check out the iphone theme for blackberry pearl, kicks ass! best one out there, yet

  5. 5 george kullin


  6. 6 trevor byouer

    hey just wanted to say i love the dimensions plus theme, buts does anyone no where you can get FREE themes, by the way suck its a waste of time i always log in and try to download stuff and it tells me im not logged in, yet when i get to the site it say welcome trevor and i have a password and everything….AVOID PINSTACK.COM

  7. 7 yanel

    This the best site to get the I phone theme for the blackberry pearl!

    Type this site to download a software to make your pearl change randomly different colors!

  8. 8 riz

    its cool

  9. 9 humbee

    Type this site to download a software to make your pearl change randomly different colors!


  10. 10 Drea

    I tried to download the i phone theme and i cant find the
    page. Can someone out there can post it again?

  11. 11 Jim

    here are some installation instructions available at this blackbberry theme site

    they have some sharp themes for the pearl as well

  12. 12 Michelley

    Where do we download the themes you posted?

  13. 13 Zaraangela

    Wait so how do i download the comic book theme?

  14. 14 jgrissum

    you need to use blackberry internet to download and go the site in the 1st post..

  15. 15 Lee

    Here is a free theme I think some of you might like.

  16. 16 Janae

    where do you get that pink theme from?

  17. 17 topher

    I downloaded that pearl color changer but the colors aren’t changing and I don’t know where the application is to run it

  18. 18 Randi

    The color changer is awesome. its really bright. and its nice to see another color other than the plain white

  19. 19 read

    sell off

  20. 20 Kelly Carter

    Check out an EXTREMELY cool theme that makes a Pearl look much like an iPhone. See a review at

    BlackBerry Pearl 8130 owners are especially invited to check out my blog at

  21. 21 nelson


  22. 22 kris

    to activate the pearl color changer it would be in you settings(the wrench) if you downloaded it right it should be right under the blue on it…it will say pearl status: make sure its in enable mode., then go down and hit pearl color it will come up with different colors, just click the color you want.

  23. 23 wendy

    ok for those who are having problems with the change of colors i downloaded also and thought it didnt work but i turned off my phone completely took the battery off when i turned it back on it worked..

    -good luck-

  24. 24 kelcey

    Is There any color changers for the trackball besides takin it out and coloring it with a sharpie?

  25. 25 Seville

    Where can I go to download the Phantom theme for blackberry 8100? Thanks

  26. 26 Mich

    How do I get the pearl to change color w/ the movement of phone? Friend has it and rocks! Thanx!

  27. 27 Tiffany

    With the color changing I saw that it doesnt apply to all pearls. I am getting the 8130… Will it apply to that phone also is there a wallpaper or theme that will change colors?

  28. 28 ankur

    hey can tell ore webs for download the theme. How can i download these theme up top. plz help me out.

  29. 29 robp

    Color pearl is one of the best features I have seen on the pearl and I can customize

  30. 30 Janet

    Hello I have a big huge problem!! I have the verizon pearl PINK blackberry… and i paid to download the trackball changer.. and downloaded it into my phone.. I can see that the program was downloaded but my trackball is not changing colors.!! i turned off my cell phone like wendy wrote but still it’s not owrking :( can somebody help me to do it step by step please
    thank you Janet

  31. 31 ME ME

    i was told by a blackberry representative that some of the phones do it and some dont its just depends on ur phone

  32. 32 s s

    I need a theme that will separate my e-mails from the sms text messages. I have pearl 8100.. anyone??

  33. 33 Jamie

    i was wondering if anyone has found a web site with the color peral for the peral 8130 and i need help separateing my e-mails and sms text

  34. 34 michael

    Do you know if there’s a way to show the date on the front screen of the Phantom Theme for my Pearl? I like this theme but wish it showed the date.

  35. 35 Roman

    hey does anyone know how to download the phantom theme to your laptop?… i’ve been looking so hard for a link that would let me do that, i dont have internet on my phone and i really like the phantom them, plz …

  36. 36 Trena

    The color pearl for the BB pearl 8130 from verizon, or any other provider will NOT work and they will never make a program for it to work. For the color pearl to work the lcd light has to have multiple colors and the 8130 light is just white. So for anyone saying the got it to work on the 8130 series is plain fibbing.

  37. 37 BlackBerry Cool

    Hey kids, if you’re looking for newer BlackBerry Pearl themes, Bplay has some slick ones available. Our personal favorites:

    iBerry 2.0 Theme: Icon Version
    iBerry 2.0 Theme: Today Version
    Crossbar Theme

  38. 38 AMarie

    Yeah… the colorpearl doesnt work on 8130 =( Im sad lol

  39. 39 Ashley

    Help! I am extremely bored at work and I have been looking at a bunch of different sites to download free games for my blackberry pearl… I’m not having any luck… Any suggestions?

  40. 40 kayla

    is there any themes for the 8130? If not, that’s annoying!

  41. 41 zack phoenix

    U can only color the pearl if u have the 8100, it is the only one with different color lights behind the ball.

  42. 42 Kaelin

    I am in love with this phone i want it sooooooo bad =(

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