More themes for your BlackBerry


Just being content with the norm is so passé, right? That’s why we’re all lining up for plastic surgery and all looking for new themes for our BlackBerrys. Received a nice note from another fellow named Steve (thought I was the only one) who runs, a site bringing you themes, wallpapers, and ringtones - and doing so with zest.

Steve (no, I’m not speaking in third person) has 999 themes currently available (mainly for the 7100 and 8700 series and over 800 of them are available for download OTA), and he mentions if you’re looking for something specific, chances are he’s got it. He’s on the quest for the perfect theme, so if you’ve got any suggestions, send them his way.

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  1. 1 Peter H

    Great…love the themes….can Steve do anything with some cool themes for the new Pearl!!! It seems that anyone with a 8100 and an international plan (that would be me) cannot connect through medianet!!! So themes for the new toy out there would be good!!! any ideas!!. Thanks. Peter

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