NTP turns attention to Palm

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The company that battled RIM over various patents is back swimming in the legal pool again, this time playing Marco Polo with Palm, says a source. If you’ll remember, RIM agreed to pay $612.5 million to competitor NTP in a heated near-bickering battle over patents, and since they want to fill up the rest of their pockets, NTP’s decided to go head-on with Palm and their patents.

“The new lawsuit, filed Monday in the US District Court for the Eastern Region of Virginia, alleges that Palm is using NTP technology in its mobile wireless email devices, and asks the judge to stop Palm from selling and operating such products, and to fine the company for punitive damages.”

According to the report, this is a “last resort” by NTP after a liscensing agreement couldn’t be negotiated (it’s hard to negotiate when you’re as stubborn as an old man watching a Britney Spears video). We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this for you and update on any developments.

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