Cingular Pearl release date speculation

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We just thought we’d send more non-news regarding Cingular’s release of the 8100c, their Pearl. The BlackBerry sites were abuzz this weekend, getting all excited about the upcoming holidays and the fact that it’s one of the busiest times of the year. There were just one or two, maybe three, sites that speculated that we’d see the Pearl this week. I didn’t get too excited.

During the lead-up to the Pearl, we’d heard a lot about T-Mobile’s exclusive until Dec. 1. Thankfully, the kids over at Engadget are on the same page as us and have raised eyebrows about a possible November release, too.

The only reports we’ve heard about November releases come from conversations that readers have had with Cingular reps across the U.S., and we just can’t confirm anything from those. Copious amounts of emails have been sent to Cingular about this, and we’re hoping to break the news to you. We just don’t want your little hearts to get their hopes up.

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