Bacon on BlackBerry: Browsers, email, and more

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Bacon’s been busy, thus the day delay, but he was able to set aside some free time to take care of your questions. Have an issue with your device that the mere mortals can’t take care of? Drop Magmic’s BlackBerry genius a line at and be sure to check back each week to see if he’s been able to solve your issue.

Q: What is the difference between the Internet Browser and the Blackberry Browser? My company uses a BES so does one route traffic through the BES?

A: The BlackBerry Browser uses your company’s BES as a proxy or router for internet traffic. This allows you to access intranet sites and services behind your company’s firewall. The Internet Browser routes traffic through RIM’s proxy/router hosted at one of their network operations centres. Both browsers will allow you to view content on the internet but you will not be able to access intranet content through your BlackBerry Browser.

Another difference is that the BES can push content through your BlackBerry Browser while the Internet Browser can accept pushed content from other sources (like the Weather app on

Q: Is there a way to have a person automatically cc’d on every email rather than having to manually put their name in there?

A: No, you have to fill in the CC field yourself on each email. If someone knows a way to auto-fill it in, post a comment so we can all find out!

  • Mike
    I have a blackBerry Pearl on Cingular. OS Version There is no option for attaching a file to an email. Is there another email App that I should use?
  • Darius
    You do not need to search for working free web proxies. All is here.
    Find free web proxy for desired country!
    All proxies are regulary checked if they still alive.

    enjoy it!
  • Stuart Bratton
    There is an easy way to send a picture via email on the pearl. Start a new email message, open the full menu and use the "attach file" option. Select either "device memory" or "media card" and browse to the file you wish to send as an attachment. This can be a picture or any other file you have on the device.

    Stuart Bratton
    Telecom Analyst
    Business Objects
  • Michael R
    For Q number 2 on auto cc'ing. If you log into your bie site, goto edit for the selected email acct you want an auto cc for. Here you can change your password, email display name, reply to address, signature and add an auto bcc.
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