Cingular Pearl release day and… nothing

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I’ll apologize on behalf of Cingular. There seemed to be a lot of excitement surrounding the release of the BlackBerry 8100c, Cingular’s Pearl. We were hounding them for a date, finally got one, and now - even more lackluster results as various reports surfacing on BBHub show a lack of activity in Cingular stores across the nation. No sign of the 8100c across the United States. Have any updates for us? Please, keep us in the know.

  • Jeff
    I called one of the Cingular stores in Washington DC today and was told they expect to have the Pearl on the shelves Friday or Monday. Let's keep our fingers crossed...
  • cris
    Cingular is terrible get T-MObile
  • Matt M.
    Release the damn thing alreadY! Crap.
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