Cingular Pearl release update

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I’m getting tired of writing about this. There seems to be more anticipation surrounding the release of the BlackBerry 8100c than there was with the original release of the Pearl. No matter, Boy Genius has posted an update on the Cingular release, saying that units are being shipped today and could arrive in stores as soon as tomorrow.

“…started shipping to all stores today. Most stores will receive them by Thursday with some stores getting them by tomorrow. Cingular has constantly moved the Pearl’s release date around so it comes as no suprise that the internal release date, as recent as a week ago has not happened.”

I feel sorry for Cingular customers is this is how they handle all of their ongoings. I’m hoping this would be the final nudge that would drive them to jump ship.

  • Thought
    We owe a debt of gratitude to Cingular for keeping us all so entertained these past few days!
  • Xevious
    And I'm tired of hearing your whining about the 8100 and Cingular's distribution issues. Stop making such a drama about the release date and stop harassing Cingular retail store staff and encouraging your readers to do so. If people want the device so bad they can go to T-Mobile and get one immediately. Otherwise wait patiently like the rest of us.
  • Aaron
    What OS version does the Cingular Pearl's have?

    T-Mobile's release of .64 still has some problems that I'm experiencing, namely lag between when I click to receive a call, and when I say 'hello'.
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