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We enjoy dishing out the goods on RIM’s competition, but now, we’re slightly outnumbered. Some smarty-pants over in Europe have figured out a way to bring e-mail, instant messaging and other communications services to low-cost mobile phones. Babur Ozden, the head of “Berggi”, offers a simplified version of the BlackBerry. Not sure about how all of you feel, but I think the BlackBerrys relatively simple already.

“Ozden said Berggi works as a simple download on most U.S. mobile carriers, except for Verizon Communications and the Nextel service of Sprint Nextel, which have billing system conflicts. Berggi also assumes that BlackBerry or Palm users will rely on higher-end services for these devices.”

With the uproars surrounding NTP and now this, are you getting slightly scared for RIM’s market position? Is it upsetting to see their cash cow be tipped over by some inexperienced underlings? Feedback, please.

  • Matt
    I agree with you nofx. Blackberry seems to be the only technology that charges less for new generation technology and more for older versions.
    I purchased a Pearl this past weekend as the 8703 was overpriced at $499. As long as Corporate expense claims cover device cost (the 8703 is a corporate favorite) I doubt we will see wireless carriers/RIM change pricing for the 8703.
  • C. Waters
    Have to agree with you, nofx. Especially the BB 8703e available through Bell Mobility.
  • nofx
    Hopefully, this will make the blackberry prices go down. As much as I love the bb, I still think it's over price.
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