Bacon on BlackBerry: OS issues, BES issues, and more

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You folks have a lot of issues. Thankfully, Magmic’s Jeff Bacon can put his own aside for a bit each week and lend a hand and give some answers on your BlackBerry woes. Have a question for Bacon? Drop him a note at and be sure to check back to see if he’s tackled your problem with one hand - he really is that strong. Thanks, Jeff.

Q: I have an issue with my Nextel Blackberry 7510, I upgraded the O.S and now when I try to turn my phone on. The screen stays blank and the light blinks 2 times.

A: I have done this to a few BlackBerrys actually. Unfortunately you’ll have to re-install the OS and lose all your data. Using the Desktop Manager, even though it doesn’t seem to connect to your BlackBerry you can still run the Application Loader and choose ‘Erase all applications’ which will re-install your OS. You can try clicking on ‘backup and restore data’ but I find this usually causes the OS re-installation to fail once the red light starts blinking.

Q: When people try and email pictures taken from their phone (i.e. a Motorola Razor) I can see an unknown attachment but my Blackberry 8700 sees the attachment as unknown so I can’t open it. I can see other jpg and was wondering if there is a way around this?

A: Most likely the phone is not attaching the image correctly. The image has to be specified as an image MIME type (MIME types are codes that identify file types for programs), usually image/jpeg, for the BlackBerry mail client to know what it is.

Q: …Another problem he is having is that when his secretary sends him an invitation to a meeting where he has to accept or decline, once he accepts the invitation, it now appears in his calendar twice. This has only started happening since we set up BES.

A: Most likely the secretary is setting up the meeting on his calendar for him already so when he accepts, the BB add another entry on the calendar for it.

  • Opel Aguila
    I am a graphic designer working with our e-mail staff to set up an e-mail newsletter that should look good when you read it on your pc or your blackberry. Is there anybody in this group who could tell us if we could do that, also suggest file format and set-up?
  • doug
    Question,why is it that I try to veiw media clips on websights,and all I get is a pop up stating (file to large or unsuportrd media file)?
  • Morten Nissen-Lie
    Hi! I am wondering where I can buy Blackberry 7290 in Norway?

  • BBGuy
    In response to the person who gets two meetings on their calendar when one is created, I have to ask if the company email system is Lotus Notes. Since transitioning from Outlook two years ago, we have this same experience all the time along with an incredible myriad of other problems.
  • Michael R
    For the last question, doing an advanced restore on the backup/restore screen in the desktop manager should allow selected files to be loaded. Try it and see if loads the data w/o overwriting whats on the device. If the address book is what your concentrating on you could also load one backup, than sync w outlook. Than load the 2nd backup and sync w outlook again. That would merge both address books together as well.
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