Will the iPhone be the iBlackBerry-killer?


I think the clever implants have worn off, at least title-wise. Since Apple’s popularity skyrocketed in the 2000’s, people have been asking about the possibility of a phone coming from the iEverything manufacturers. Well, there’s been more rumblings than usual this year and the iPhone is slated for release in 2007. My good pal Robb over at RIMarkable has some interesting insight on how the iPhone could be the true BlackBerry killer (unlike those who promised it - like the Q).

“When Apple releases the iPhone it will compete directly against the Pearl as far as consumers, especially first time smartphone buying consumers are concerned. The Pearl appeals to consumers looking to buy their first smart phone. The iPhone will appeal to everyone who owns an iPod looking to upgrade to the latest greatest version along with consumers looking for their first smartphone.

I hate to say it, however, if you are walking through the mobile phone section of Best Buy and see an iPhone next to the BlackBerry Pearl, unless you were just interested in the BlackBerry, the iPhone would probably pull your eye more simply because it would be perceived as an upgrade to your existing iPod as compared to a completely new type of mobile phone.”

Check out the rest of Robb’s article here. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Apple (nearing fanboy status, perhaps) - and I think I may be up for a little battle when it comes time to upgrade my device. Talk me out of it.

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  1. 1 Robb (RIMarkable)


    A lot of folks think that I am more off my rocker than usual for saying this but if and when Apple comes out with the iPhone, RIM, will feel it in the consumer market which, so far, they have only begun to dip their toe into with the BlackBerry Pearl.

  2. 2 Thought

    When I first saw the Pearl my first thought was that this phone was what Apple would release if it did a phone. The Pearl is that good in its design, esp. when you see it in person.

    I do think Robb has a very good point, in that right now the Pearl is arguably the coolest, most fully featured cell phone on the market. Any Apple iPhone will definitely compete in the coolness factor.

    That being said, I don’t think a release of an Apple iPhone need spell disaster for RIM. As long as RIM continues to execute and releases great consumer products, they will always have a good share of the market. Plus, they always have the enterprise segment to fall back on, which is a huge advantage.

    I also believe any Apple phone will cut into sales of the Motorola RAZR line, as well as into the Nokia sales. Basically, any manufacturer that releases high end designer phones will feel the presence of Apple in the market.

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