Business Week speaks on the future of mobile


Business Week plays Michael J. Fox today as they look back… rather, forward - into the future. The respected publication has released a great editorial article focusing on the guture of the mobile industry - discussing new technologies such as WiMax and how satellite TV amongst other new developments are the future of our wireless world. Check out the entire article here, and if it so inspires, come on back and let us know what trends you’re happy about and what you’d like to see drop off over the next year when it comes to your mobile universe.

“To participate, you used to have to sit in front of a computer screen. But a host of advances, including faster network speeds, exotic new batteries, and bright, energy-efficient screens for mobile gadgets, could cut some of the last tethers to the PC.

The handset, stuffed with content you purchase or create, will become your personal television network, your music studio, and your wallet for dispensing digital money. It could also become your personal location service.

Today, cars with satellite-mapping software can tell you how to get to your destination. Phonemakers are now building the same kind of technology into their handsets, which, among other things, can send out an emergency beacon that summons your friends to rescue you from a bad date.”