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Cingular Pearl makes business debut

Nov 28, 2006: 

Constant refreshing and the patience of Mr. Miagi has led a BBHub reader to uncovering some great screen caps from Cingular’s business site. Originally, we were only able to see an unsatisfying “coming soon” on, but now, more sites are popping up on the site with actual purchasing info - and the phone […]

BlackBerry patent configures keyboard

Nov 27, 2006: 

And so continues the battle of the keypads. This time, it’s not really QWERTY vs. SURE, but moreso how to give a QWERTY keypad solid numerical functionality while keeping the typing style that we’ve all come to know and love. This all coming from a new patent that surfaced today from RIM. […]

RIM provides yet another status update

Nov 27, 2006: 

No news is good news, right? Ever since late September, we’ve had our eyes on RIM and their stock-handling issues. The company has been reviewing it’s past stock history and continues to report to the Ontario Securities Commission. Their current update? Nothing to report. The company continues to stress, though, […]

“Mums” targeted by Pearl

Nov 27, 2006: 

A quick light-hearted one for you. The Pearl’s slowly making it’s way across the world and is getting set for a release down under in Australia. An article posted on Smarthouse examines who the Aussie’s think’ll be adopting that Pearl - “Mum’s”. How cute.
Check out the slight misconception here, and […]

Cingular Pearl pricing leaked

Nov 24, 2006: 

Thanks to Ned, we’re able to get our first look at a Cingular ad pushing the Pearl (not to say they haven’t existed, it’s just the first we’ve seen). Is that a price we see? And hey, they’re sneaking in at a lower price than T-Mobile’s Pearl - not a bad move. […]

Weekend Contest: The Cingular Effect - updated

Nov 24, 2006: 

Ok. This is it. Apart from actual release news (unless, like the Treo, these babies ship without mic’s), this is the last we’ll touch on Cingular’s Pearl until it actually sits on the shelf. But since both our inboxes and this site have been flooded with Cingular-related junk this week, we figured […]

Backgammon King released on BPlay

Nov 24, 2006: 

You had better all remember BPlay from our interview with their head-honcho Nicholas Reichenbach a month ago. It’s still going strong, and just got so much stronger with the addition of a new game from Magmic - Backgammon King. The newest addition to an already great Magmic catalogue, Backgammon King “takes the classic […]

Still no Cingular Pearl, contracts shred nationwide

Nov 24, 2006: 

We’ve been fueling this fire all week, we might as well slide in again with our commentary. Yes, still no Pearl’s. Readers are dropping us notes mentioning that Cingular’s BlackBerry Pearl shelves are still empty and that they’re ready to move over to T-Mobile (or anyone other than Cingular, really). Who’s fault […]

The search for Pinppl

Nov 24, 2006: 

Ah, more social networking - as if MySpace, Facebook, and all those other annoyances weren’t enough. This puts a different spin on things, though. We originally talked about Pinppl a few months ago, and I thought, hey, I want to get some hands-on with this, and who better to do it with than […]