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Weekend Contest: BlackBerry Year-In-Review



The winner this week gets a USGlobalSat’s BT-359 Bluetooth GPS puck. Phew, I just had to get that out right away - I’ve been holding it in all week. Anyway, if you’ve been checking in intermittently all week, you’ll notice that we did our own little year in review of the top 10 BlackBerry stories of the year (lovingly titled the BlackBerry “Cool in ’06″ Awards).

Give that a once over, and this week we’re asking you to tell us what you thought the biggest story of the year in terms of BlackBerry news was, tell us why, and the best response will walk away with a GPS puck. No lies. No bull pucky. You can check out our review of one right here and a how-to here.

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RIM to keep rolling in 2007


Even with the week off, Thought’s showing us his dilligence and sent us this article last night from Forbes. According to the notable publication, even with the strong stock year RIM had, 2007 is looking even stronger for the BlackBerry manufacturer.

“RIM stands at the convergence point of the world’s two largest markets: wireless and Internet,” Rob Sanderson, an analyst at American Technology Research, said in a note Thursday. “RIM is addressing the opportunity unlike any competitor and is seeing accelerating adoption while competing products have been underwhelming.”

“In addition to the existing multimedia and Internet applications offered on the BlackBerry devices, Sanderson expects the integration of the global positioning system, on the Indigo, slated to launch in February, will take the product to new heights.”

Is the BlackBerry the “greatest Canadian invention”?


180px-cbc_logo_1974-1986.pngI love the CBC. Not only does my family have roots with the company, but now they bring us a program called “The Greatest Canadian Invention”. Set to air on January 3rd at 8pm, experts will weigh-in with their opinions on what exactly is the greatest Canadian invention. You better believe that the BlackBerry is on there, so is pablum, the goalie mask, and Degrassi (ok, I’m joking with the last one). We’ll let you know how the BlackBerry fares if you folks can’t tune into the CBC.

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BlackBerry “Cool in ’06″ awards



When in Rome, you make top 10 lists, apparently. We wanted to get in on the action, too, and bring you the BlackBerry “Cool in ’06″ awards where we note the top 10 blackberry-related news stories of the 2006 year. We’ve made our list and be sure to check it twice - this coincides with our big contest announcement tomorrow. So read-on, ‘Berry-lover, and check out the BlackBerry “Cool in ’06″ awards.

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SplashPhoto Contest Winners


splashphoto2.jpgA little later than planned - we’re sorry. Got caught up in all of that holiday cheer a little too soon, I guess. Anyway, without further adieu, we’d like to announce the winners to our SplashPhoto contest. The responses were great, and all of you seemed geniunely keen on getting your mitts on this piece of software from SplashData. Are you a winner? Take the jump and find out. Oh, and be set for another contest on it’s way tomorrow.

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BlackBerrys breed deceit


pinoliar.jpgYou’re all a bunch of filthy liars. According to ZDNet, over 75% of people responded in a survey that BlackBerrys make it easier to lie, fib, and do some “technotreachery”. Why the ‘Berry? Well, we’re all familiar with cyber-bullying, and the reasoning behind both is the same: it’s easy. It’s easy to be someone you’re not online, and according to the report, fibbing by BlackBerry makes folks feel less guilty.

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