BlackBerry spam needs more filtering

Penny stocks, enlargements, crazy money transfers. These kinds of offers flood our inboxes everyday, and for some reason, we’ve come to expect it. Now, when these kinds of things start showing up on our devices, attacking us where it hurts, that’s just not cool. There’s been a rash of spam hitting BlackBerrys over the past month or so - a sudden influx of not-goodness. The Globe and Mail reports on RIM’s spam filter system (or lackthereof), and it looks as though RIM has solid views on the topic.

“RIM is taking the position that this is just part of a recent spike in the volume of regular spam e-mail experienced worldwide in which spammers employ images and other tricks to successfully get around existing content filters.

Simple as that. Now, the rest of the article goes into more detail, I just wish our reader’s woes weren’t answered with such passiveness. We’ll wait and see in the new year what happens with new updates to systems and the like, but let me know how your spam filters are holding up, will you? Thanks.

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John K.
January 30th, 2007 at 1:04 pm

I came across a blackberry spam filter made by antair. works great for me.

it’s at

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