More BlackBerry 8800 information leaked


And this time, it isn’t by our hands (via the hands of Boy Genius). Russ over at BBHub reports on a little tidbit that was sent his way this morning regarding the BlackBerry 8800.

In our interview with Boy Genius yesterday, we noted that production of the 8800 is double of what the Pearl saw with it’s initial release, and made a little side note of the fact that the device lets you know when your battery cover is off with a message showing on your devices screen. Now then, onto what was revealed earlier today.

We are already aware that there are two 8800 models slated for release - one with a camera, one without. According to both our interview and BBHub’s report, the latter device should see the light of day by mid-late January. The former, a CameraBerry, should be hitting shelves around mid-end of April 2007. Both will be equipped with WiFi. And there were just a couple more little notes about the 8800 on BBHub.

“When compared side by side to an 8700 model, it is approximately 2/3 the width of an 8700 and approx 1/4+/- inches longer.

The T-Mobile version will be black (as compared to the Pearl). This is verified for the 8800 without a camera…No final concrete design on the camera version as of yet, but 80% chance it will look exactly the same”

Thanks to Russ and the anonymous tipster.

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  1. 1 tmc

    When I first got a 8700, the keyboard drove me nuts because it was too tightly packed. Now they’re making the k/b even *narrower*?

  2. 2 Mark

    Has anyone heard when Verizon will be getting the 8800?

  3. 3 Stephen

    I would liek to know if the 8800 will have GPS builtin?

  4. 4 jibi@bbf

    8800 (Camera-less): 114 x 66 x 14 (or 4.48″ x 2.59″ x 0.55″)
    8800 (Camera): 106 x 60 x 15.5 (or 4.17″ x 2.36″ x 0.61″)
    8700g: 110 x 69.5 x 19.5 (or 4.33″ x 2.73″ x 0.76″)
    8100: 107 x 50 x 14.5 (or 4.21″ x 1.96″ x 0.57″)

    I’m not really understanding what was ‘exclusive’ or ‘updated’ in the article aside from some possible information about the color of the camera-enabled 8800 (”80% chance of black colors in the forecast for this Spring”), even though the grey one pictured with the article (which is the camera-enabled version) doesn’t exactly reflect this particular proclamation. The color of the initial T-Mobile 8800 (the black Indigo) was known MONTHS ago.

    As for the dimension calculations and tentative release dates, what’s new that would seriously warrant the nature of their article as ‘exclusive’ or ‘updated’? This makes me want to say something like ‘Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. United States joins campaign against Germany.’ but that may be slightly unprofessional, eh?

    Anyhow, I am a fan of Russ and his website, but let’s check the content next time. Perhaps if there was more meat to the content of the article, it would make more sense? I’m not really sure, but it honestly just appears to be nothing more than logical speculation based on what some have already reported as known information.

  5. 5 C. Waters

    I think everyone should take a deep breath concerning all the future BlackBerrys, and the info relative to the release dates of same, etc.

    I have a BB 7130e and am quite happy with it.

    RIM, how about giving us all a break so we can appreciate the model we’ve got !! This BlackBerry madness is taking away all the enjoyment of having and using these great devices, whether for business or pleasure or both.

    There I’ve said it and I’m glad.

  6. 6 James W.

    I went in to Cingular the other day and looked at the Blackjack. I was going to buy it, but I am still holding out hope for the BlackBerry. I have never owned one(big Treo fan here) but I have grown tired of Treo releasing a new model every other year.They can’t seem to put into a phone what consumers really want. What I want to know, besides the color, is will the 8800 have UMTS/HSDPA along with the WIFI? If so then it will be worth the wait, if not, then maybe the HTC Cavalier or Blackjack is the way to go for me.

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