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More BlackBerry 8800 talk

We’re expecting a lot of little notes and emails from various tipsters either looking to help the greater good or that are looking for their 15 minutes of fame on the blogosphere by having a rumour spread like wildfire. We’ll try and sift through the lies and deceit and bring you validity. While sifting through the inbox, I stumbled upon this note from someone who hopes to remain anonymous, yet feels the need to share the wealth of BlackBerry 8800 knowledge, which is slight, but also slightly intriguing.

“i can confirm that the t-mobile version of the indigo (aka 8800) will be all black.

the device looks very beautiful. i’ve got some pictures here which i can’t send around because of NDA. the sides are silver like the pearl. the unit that i have pictures of is a german device with qwertz-keyboard layout.

from the pictures i can confirm that the unit is as (nearly) as slim as the pearl. so it’ll be the hell of an interesting device.”

Really not sure where they’re getting all of this, but nothing would surprise me. The all-black 8800 has me a little worried about aesthetic comparisons to the Motorola Q, but hey, as long as it still works like a BlackBerry, things should be ok.

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2 Responses to “More BlackBerry 8800 talk”

  1. knick
    December 13th, 2006 13:41

    the spec i’ve read about the 8800 list the dimensions the almost the same size as the pearl.

    Pearl = 4.2×2x.6 and the 8800=4.1×2.3x.6 How is this possible? The pearl keys are already very small, to squeeze qwerty into the same build i don’t understand. There’s even space between the keys which is, to my dismay, not the case with the pearl. Anyone else find this confounding? Plz help I am looking to get the pearl but qwerty would be great if the dimensions are real.

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    December 16th, 2006 01:05

    […] Well there’s $175 million that can be delegated elsewhere. […]

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