Early report: iPhone no threat to BlackBerry


The iPhone vs. BlackBerry fight is just like the latest Rocky flick about to hit theatres - it’s too early to tell who will be the big winner (hint: probably not Balboa). In an article from the National Post, analysts are saying that no, the iPhone will not be a threat to the BlackBerry. This is something I’d really like to hear you folks weigh in on, but straight from the horse’s mouth (the horse, in this case, being analyst Chris Umiastowski):

The only segment of BlackBerry sales that might be affected by such a phone would be the small minority of owners who do not use the device for its messaging capabilities, said the report.

“In our view, the appearance of the iPhone (or something like it) poses little risk to RIM’s business.”

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    There’s no doubt that the iPhone will not threaten the core enterprise business of the BB.

    I also seriously doubt that Apple can deliver any portable email/messaging platform to consumers as robust and highly evolved as the BB.

    However, for consumers just looking for a very cool phone, the Apple might take a bite out of those who otherwise might migrate to the Pearl, or the RAZR, or any other phone perceived as cool.

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