BlackBerry Cool How-To: GPS and your BlackBerry (Pt. 1)


Using BlackBerry Maps with your GPS Puck

Step 7: From the main BlackBerry Maps menu select Start GPS. Assuming your GPS puck has acquired its position, you should see a Chevron and the map should be rotated in the direction you are traveling (or were last traveling if this is not the first time you’ve connected the GPS). The screen also displays your current bearing and speed, as well as the current street you are on (if you’re zoomed in close enough).

Step 8: If you are not moving or prefer North to always be straight up, go to the main menu and select North Up. If you prefer the map to rotate so that your direction of travel is always straight up select Track Up.

Step 9: To have useful information like the time, your battery and signal strength, how many satellites you’re receiving, if Bluetooth is turned on, or whether you have email, hit the Q key on SureType devices like the Pearl, or the U key on full QWERTY devices and this information will appear on the Title Bar.

In this case, the GPS device is tracking 9 satellites (you need at least 3 to obtain a position). If the number reads 0, your GPS receiver has not locked onto its position yet.

Step 10: If you want to display the map for the entire screen, hit the space bar and the GPS mode switches to Map Mode. The map will still track the GPS, but the street, speed and bearing information is no longer displayed.

That’s the basics of GPS and pairing your device to work with BlackBerry Maps. We’ll have some more articles soon about getting the most out of BlackBerry Maps, but feel free to send us an email about any problems you’ve had or any aspects of LBS that you’d like us to cover.

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  1. 1 Bruce

    Great review!! Will this work for the Vz 8700E which does not have GPS enabled?

  2. 2 Aaron

    Bruce, I’m sure it will work with the 8703e by Verizon. You just need to have the puck, and some software.

  3. 3 Joaquin

    I have been using Blackberry Maps on a Blackberry Pearl paired with a BT-359. The GPS works really well on tracking the position. However, BlackBerry Maps is not reliable at all when the GPS is enabled for tracking. The maps do not refresh well and sometimes it takes a long time for the map to catch up with your location. I have been testing The GPS and Pearl going from home to work and back. Thank God I know my way from one point to the other, otherwise, I would have completly missed every single exit I was supposed to take.
    I love the Pearl and I like the GPS device, but I would not recomend this a reliable GPS traveling solution.

  4. 4 Andree

    Wow, it’s an awesome mapberry. I’m currently using tomtom and PPC CE 5.0 GPS built-in for travel planning, and you can’t imagine how much hassles to go through it compared to this mapberry. Although the screen is most of the times not big enough, but the easiness and seamlessness of it just enticing me. Moreover, as far as i know, only google and blackberry are doing maps as far as this, and no need to say that RIM is the only one doing both hardware and software so far. I believe as long as they conntinue R&D and good support on this, it will conquer the world of travelling in the future. Go RIM!

  5. 5 Andy

    Everything works OK for the 8703e but I have Verizon and I can not get my current position nor can I get turn by turn or any location. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. 6 Annie

    Hi, I just got the blackberry pearl and the BT-359 USGlobalSat GPS Receiver and I want to see if I can get it to show me points of interest… otherwise what is the point of a GPS? I want to be able to find the nearest bank or starbucks. google maps does this great, but it doesnt look like I can pair my GPS Receiver to Google maps. Can you help please? Thank you.

  7. 7 hector

    hey i just picked up the blackberry pearl and im undecided whether to buy the bt-359

  8. 8 Murtaza

    Hello, I have a Bt-5 GPS satellite receiver and have hooked up to the BB pearl..did all the settings as instructed in this forum. The blue lights comes up on the BT-5 the dash on BB maps application reads GPS reporting, A red arrows always shows N direction, ever time i move the track ball a message pops us saying updating in 10 sec and counts down till 0. but all i get is gray diagonal lines. I have never seen any map on my screen. i have tried mixed and match other menu options but no luck. pls guide how to get the maps and GPS thing working on my BB

  9. 9 CWF

    I have Deluo USB GPS Pro+ SiRFstarIII for my laptop. Is there a way to hook that up to my BlackBerry Pearl?

  10. 10 Newbie4BB

    Great review Douglas…Do you get charged data by rogers for using external GPS device? do you know of any GPS receiver that gives you turn-by-turn directions?

  11. 11 Jon

    amaze gps does turn by turn with voice and its FREE

  12. 12 Greg

    Is there a gps that I can put on my blackberry for oilfield use? I am looking to get the LSD location maps so I can pin point leases and gas plants. Any info please let me know thanks

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