How to make calls faster on your BlackBerry Storm


PicureDial is a convenient method for making quick calls that bypasses searches in your contact list. It saves the time of searching long contact lists for your frequently made calls. The app works well once set up properly, but the setup can be painful. With a max. of 24 contacts and only one e-mail address permitted per contact, it does have its drawbacks. It also does not maintain a sync with your contact list – but rather keeps its own database. This app is good for those who make frequent calls to the same people. It could use a few more features to make it a top performer.
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U2 partners with BlackBerry for 360 Tour


U2 is kicking off its relationship with RIM with The U2 360° Tour, sponsored by BlackBerry. The Tour is the band’s first stadium outing since the Vertigo Tour 05/06 and follows the release of their acclaimed album, No Line On The Horizon. U2 will be touring 14 cities across Europe including dates in Milan, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Dublin, Chorzow, Berlin, Gelsenkirchen, London, Sheffield and Glasgow before finishing at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on 22nd August. The European tour will be followed by dates in North America beginning at Chicago’s Soldier Field on September 12th, 2009.

“This tour announcement marks the first stage of a relationship and shared vision between RIM and U2 that we expect will lead to new and innovative ways to enhance the mobile music experience on the BlackBerry platform for U2 fans. We look forward to sharing more details as the relationship unfolds,” said Paul McGuinness, the band’s manager.

Everyone remembers the long relationship U2 and Bono had with Apple and it seems to be the end of an era. There are rumors that U2 and UMG weren’t elated about the relationship with Apple. UMG’s chief Doug Morris late in 2007 claimed his company had been ensnared by the “golden handcuffs” of Apple’s music portal. The executive explained that Universal became dependent on iTunes after insisting on copy protection and then allowing Apple to use its own proprietary format.

Partnering with U2 is a great move on the part of RIM. Not only will it help solidify BlackBerry as a company that is in touch with a wide demographic, but Bono’s charitable causes make him a formidable representative of the company. We should expect to see some interesting developments come of this, including initiatives along the same vein as Product Red.
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Introducing the BlackBerryCool staff and contributors


Since March 2005, BlackBerry Cool has been the destination for those who desire the best in BlackBerry news coverage. Although lately you’ve seen my name on virtually all of the posts, there is a network of people who really make the site happen. Here are the good people who help make BlackBerry Cool the site that it is.

BlackBerry Cool EIC Douglas Soltys and RIM Co-CEO Jim BalsillieDouglas Soltys

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With a half-decade of experience in the wireless industry, Douglas “tr0n” Soltys has seen mobile culture evolve from early childhood to its now impetuous teen years. Prior to working on QuicklyBored, a mobile entertainment site, Douglas worked for a variety of smartphone software developers in the Ottawa area. Although no longer working at the site, Doug knows a great deal about the space and is happy to send in his 2 pennies.

nanpalmeroNan Palmero

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You can frequently find Nan Palmero reading technology blogs at every opportunity. He has been able to intertwine his personal passions for technology into the culture at Sales by 5 where he helps ensure that Sales by 5’s clients are communicating and working faster and better than their competitors. Nan is also a driving force behind the Sales by 5 Blog, which provides visitors with fast and practical ideas to increase sales. You can find Nan Palmero on BlackBerry Cool as the writer of our critically acclaimed Power User editorial series.

Bambi Blue

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Bambi has a diverse background with experience in music, the arts, teaching and… butchering. Her education consists of degrees in History and Anthropology. On top of writing for WindowsMobile Cool, she likes to review accessories and write BlackBerry/WinMo comparison pieces. For years she worked building and testing industrial electronics for an international company. She then moved on to teaching computer hardware and software to government workers and foreign ambassadors visiting Canada before she landed here at Smoke Labs.

MattMatt Cameron

Matt has helped do any and every video you’ve seen on BlackBerryCool that is remotely well edited. If it was poorly edited, it was done by Kyle. Matt has worked in the mobile games industry for about 2 years. His real creative juices flow when he does his VJ’ing sets for various bars and nightclubs around the city. All in all, he has been cultivating a career as a video artist for about 5 years. He is entirely self-taught and really good at what he does. If you’re ever in the Ottawa area, check out the Mercury Lounge on a Saturday night.

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Free Tetris game for BlackBerry updated


The guys over at BBTetris emailed me to let you guys know they’ve updated their free Tetris game.

Last time we mentioned the free BBTetris game, it was sitting pretty at version 3. Since then, Papped has been working hard on improving the smaller things about the game like battery usage and other code improvements. Nothing crazy new, but the game now supports the 81XX, 83XX, 8900 and 9000 Bold devices.

9000 Bold Version (480×320)

89xx Curve Version (480×360)

83xx Curve/88xx Version (320×240)

81XX Pearl Version (240×260)

BerryReview alt mirror

Free app to read and buy books from your BlackBerry


Shortcovers allows you to read and purchase books right from your device. The app also has a social networking component. You can send Tweets about what you’re reading which is great for Twitter addicts such as myself. Although, I mostly Tweet about ham sandwiches and being sleepy.

The app is free so you have nothing to lose! Check out ShortCovers and comment your initial thoughts.

Also, if you’re interested in a good read, my favorite book right now is The Botany of Desire.

Download ShortCovers here.


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Rogers to implement IMEI blocking


According to Rogers, there have been a lot of recent thefts from their corporate stores, 3rd party stores as well as various shipping and logistics points. To prevent future thefts, Rogers is implementing an international equipment registry to block the usage of stolen handset inventory. The system uses your device’s unique IMEI to block the phone and disable it over 40 GSM networks worldwide. This system will probably prevent many device thefts in the long term, but I doubt anyone stealing a BlackBerry knows about IMEI or the new blocking system. It will for sure take the thieves time to figure it out.
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Free Titanium series themes for the BlackBerry Storm


Bla1ze from CB has pointed out some free themes you may want to try out. They’re free so why not right? The company that develops them originally posted the links on the CBForums where you can also go to donate. Apparently the developer recently lost his job so he could do with a buck or three.

Download Titanium-Storm OTA
Download Titanium-Storm Desktop

Download Titanium-Fire OTA
Download Titanium-Fire Desktop

Download Titanium-Blue OTA
Download Titanium-Blue Desktop

Download Titanium-Purple OTA
Download Titanium-Purple Desktop

Download Titanium-Green OTA
Download Titanium-Green Desktop

Download Titanium-Red OTA
Download Titanium-Red Desktop

Preview of BlackBerry Storm phone book app


We recently talked about a company BlindingRain that is putting out BlackBerry Storm specific software. This is their app that they describe as a “phone book app on steroids.” The app is called fonebook and is exactly what you would expect from a robust phone book app. You can use it as a phone directory for people and business, and there is full map functionality. Check out the video to see all its features.

BlackBerry threaded SMS - exclusive BlackBerry Cool deal



Threaded SMS is a great way to keep track of your text conversations. It’s one thing the iPhone did well that BlackBerry still needs native on device. 3jam SuperText is an app for BlackBerry that gives you threaded SMS.

The app is normally $19.99 but for a limited time (only this week) the app will be 50% off with a BlackBerry Cool promotional code.

Because there is no way to enter the promotional code in a form, you’ll have to be signed in to 3jam and then click the discount URL. After you’ve created an account and clicked our promotional link, the discount will then appear (the final price will be be $9.99).

Register here.

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How to efficiently manage your BlackBerry’s data


Does your BlackBerry spend a lot of time hourglassing? Do messages in your Facebook client mysteriously disappear from time to time? Do you have dozens of applications loaded on your BlackBerry? If so, then you may be running out of disk space.

Since you probably don’t want to remove some of those hard-found programs, you should look at Aerize Card Loader 2008.

A simple OTA install, Aerize Card Loader allows you to install and run applications from an SD card, rather than the file memory in your device. The result is that you can have even more programs available to you and your Facebook messages won’t keep disappearing.

There are two ways to manage programs using Aerize Card Loader: OTA installs and copying the COD files to the SD card from your computer.
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