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Thought turns the tables a little this week with his holiday wish list. Not your average wishlist, Thought’s contains all of his hope and dreams for RIM and the BlackBerry in 2007. Give it a read, and why not participate yourself in the comments? Let us and Thought know what you’re looking for in ‘07. Thanks for some great articles this year, Thought. We’ll see you next year, pal.

A BlackBerry Holiday Wish List

If I could speak to the co-Santas of RIM, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, and ask for 3 Holiday wishes, these are the gifts I would ask for:

1) A super cool television marketing campaign for the BlackBerry consumer line of products (the Pearl and the upcoming 8800 series). Yeah, we’ve seen the web and the print ads, but what we BlackBerry aficionados really want is a proper television commercial. We want one that blows that Cingular BlackJack commercial out of the water. Here’s one more hint for RIM: the Super Bowl is February 4 of next year and would make a wonderful time to debut such an ad. (Remember Apple’s famous “1984” Super Bowl commercial?) However, I also know that it’s not my money, and I am sure RIM has plenty of smart people who calculate ROI for their marketing expenditures. Still, we can always dream!

2) A BlackBerry 8800 series release for Verizon in the US in the first quarter of 2007. Come on, RIM, show Verizon some BlackBerry love. Verizon is on track to overtake Cingular as the #1 carrier in the US, and enjoys an unparalleled reputation for reliability of network. It’s a natural pairing: the highest quality network with the highest quality device. Release the 8800 early next year on Verizon in the US and you will sell a ton of units. Plus, you can show Cingular that they cannot take you for granted and maybe next time they will handle releases of your new products with more skill.

3) Don’t forget your roots. Not that there is any sign of this happening with RIM, but I do know often when a company branches into new market categories, sometimes they lose some of their edge in their existing areas of product strength. RIM’s bread and butter is the enterprise market; it is also a great market to own since it is a more stable line of business with higher profit margins. It would be a shame if, in the pursuit of the consumer market, there was any drop-off in focus on the enterprise market. RIM needs to keep the enterprise market nailed down.

So that’s my wish list this holiday season, with one exception: I wish all of you thoughtful readers out there a most wonderful time of the year and may all of your BlackBerry dreams come true.

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  1. 1 Robb (RIMarkable)

    1. Expensive or not, RIM should do a SuperBowl commercial. Jim Balsillie could use some of that cash that he isn’t spending on the Penguins to fund it. They are still talking about that Apple commeriacial as one of the best of all time.

    2. If the 8800 does come to Verizon make sure that it is the one with the camera.

    3. Don’t forget your roots, but understand that you cannot use the same model in the consumer market as you do in the business market. Don’t be afraid to do things a bit differently.

  2. 2 Thought

    Thanks, Robb, for the great comments. You undoubtedly are one of my favorite sources for inspiration in the BB world.

    You are correct about that Apple commercial…in fact, Advertising Age named it the commercial of the decade for the 1980’s and TV Guide named it the greatest commercial of all time.

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