Balsillie’s bid not done yet

ballysilly.jpgListen, Jim. If you’re going to do it, please just do it. This is getting confusing. According to reports, Jim Balsillie hasn’t completely shyed away from purchasing the Pittsburgh Penguins. Balsillie, as you well know, initiated his plans to purchase the Pens back in October, then pulled out abrubptly this past Friday after he and the NHL couldn’t come to purchasing terms. Well, apparently he’s back in the game.

“All it takes is three motivated parties and a five-minute phone call to get this deal back on track,” Balsillie told The Toronto Globe and Mail in an email after the slots licence decision Wednesday. “We’ve fully studied the situation, and are prepared to complete the purchase and immediately commence good faith ‘Plan B’ negotiations with the government officials to keep the team in Pittsburgh.”

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