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ThoughtPiece: Predictions for 2007

3) Location-based services will take off this year in a big way and RIM will be a market leader. According to a study by In-Stat, what cell phone users really want are location based services. This makes perfect sense: this type of functionality is eminently practical and is a natural application on a device like the cell phone, which users typically carry with them at all times. I predict that in 2007 we will see LBS really take off in the cell phone market, and that RIM will be a leader, thanks to the 8800 series having embedded GPS along with a large, beautiful screen.

So there you have 3 of my predictions for this New Year. If any of you thoughtful readers have any that you’d like to add, I’d be very interested. No matter what our predictions, though, I think we would all agree that 2007 will be a very exciting year

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2 Responses to “ThoughtPiece: Predictions for 2007”

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    […] We know, according to the rumors, that the BlackBerry 8800 could be released as early as this month on T-Mobile and / or Cingular. Although many believe, myself included, that Verizon may release the BlackBerry 8800 much sooner than expected, possibly by Q1 according to some predictions, the norm for the carrier with undoubtedly the nations best network is to release CDMA versions of new BlackBerry devices 9 to 12 months after their GSM counterparts. […]

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