BlackBerrys: the “future of Vermont”

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I’m not sure, but I don’t think that slogan’ll work on the 18-24’s. Kidding aside, the “future of Vermont” comment is courtesy of Vermont governor Jim Douglas as he was being sworn in for the third time the other day. On stage, the governer-elect, seen canoodling to the right, held up his BlackBerry (he’s on Nextel, for those keeping score), and hopefully in a Howard Dean-type manor, exclaimed that the BlackBerry was the future of his fine state and their technological advancements.

Douglas, delivering his inaugural address to a joint assembly of the House and Senate on Thursday, called for Vermont to become the first state with complete high-speed Internet coverage and a hub for environmental engineering businesses. He also proposed boosting use of biofuels and called for specialized math and science high schools in every county.

“Our approach will combine Vermont’s unparalleled environmental values with innovations in education and a telecommunications infrastructure superior to that found in most modern cities,” Douglas said.

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