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SplashPhoto reviewed

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, especially with the help of networking dealies like Facebook and sites like Flickr, people’ll take any opportunity they can to share photos they’ve taken (you know, like the one above of my new cat). It’s kind of hard to lug a laptop around to share your digital shots, so what better way than to store some on your BlackBerry for easy image toting. We’ve been excited to have a thorough sitdown with SplashData’s SplashPhoto since our giveaway last month, and we finally got the chance to. Check out our review of SplashPhoto after the jump.

SplashPhoto boasts on their site as being the “best-selling photo software for PDAs and Smartphones” so we expected the best. We almost got it. Just about. A quick run down, though. The program works in two parts, with both your desktop and BlackBerry getting a workout in the process. It all starts with a quick and easy download of SplashPhoto from SplashData’s web site onto your desktop, and then you can install onto your BlackBerry using the desktop manager.

I’m not sure if it’s my familiarity with Apple’s iPhoto or just my general interest in aesthetics, but I was hoping for a lot more when I first boot up the program’s desktop interface. A blank screen welcomed me, giving me a few buttons to add some photos, and so I did. A quick search through the files on my computer brought up some good photos (and, of course, their memories), and so begins the process.

Right after adding some shots into my library, SplashPhoto prompted me to name and organize the files. They also gave me the chance to edit the shots, be it cropping or adjusting the brightness. These features are available anytime, and since I take picture perfect shots anyway, I declined the opportunity to do some quick editing. Immediately the shots are added into the desktop interface to fill out that whitespace a little. Thank goodness. I can view my uploaded shots in different views, seeing their specs or hiding them for a sleeker “gallery” view.

Just a heads up - you can adjust your preferences when it comes to uploading pictures (found under the “edit” menu). If you’d like your shots to take up less space, adjust the image quality. If you’re like me and are all about aesthetics and things looking nice, keep the “fit screen” selection, or you can choose whichever photo orientation you prefer.

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One Response to “SplashPhoto reviewed”

  1. jason
    January 16th, 2007 08:55

    I also won a copy of the software in the contest, and I’ve been using it, not as much lately for one simple reason. You can’t put photos into the program on the phone, if you take a picture while you are out you can’t immediately add it to your collection, you have to add through the desktop then sync it back to your phone.
    That seems to me the main draw back for someone who doesn’t like to be tied to a computer.
    Just thought I would add my 2 cents.

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