BlackBerry to inspire Canadians

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Earlier this week, we mentioned that it’s nice to support members of your team when a Roger’s official complimented the BlackBerry. Well, now the leader of an entire party in the Canadian government is saying Canadians should produce more incredible innovations like the device. In a speech to business leaders, Federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion, stood behind the BlackBerry.

He promised innovation policies to help Canadian companies succeed on the world’s stage, highlighted Research In Motion Ltd. (TSX:RIM) of Waterloo, Ont. - inventor of the wildly successful Blackberry - as an example of what Canada can produce.”

“Canadians are proud that the Blackberry, used throughout the world, is a Canadian invention. Yet, if Canada is to prosper, we need many Blackberry-style inventions across the country, produced by innovative Canadians in large or small companies,” he said.

It would be nice to see more inventions, sure. I’d really like Canada to be known for more than, you know, snow and insulin. I think the BlackBerry has done more for Canadians than we realize, actually. Unless, of course, people think these things are being manufactured in igloos. Then we’re no further ahead.

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