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Mobylo’s MultiAlarm reviewed

My eyes are more red than the LED on my BlackBerry when I get a message and the bags under them could probably hold my entire wardrobe. I’m tired. Late nights, early mornings, and other general obligations try their hardest to get me off of my game, but Mobylo’s made it possible for me to make it through the day (albeit in a zombie-like state) with their release of the MultiAlarm.

Judging by the name, you’ve probably figured out that this application provides you with a handful of alarms for your daily/weekly/monthly awakening needs (five alarms, in fact) - and I’m happy to pull on the pj’s and lay down for a long winter’s nap to give each the review it deserves. Click after the jump for our review of Mobylo’s MultiAlarm.

Now, if you’re wondering what someone could need five alarms four, maybe you’re not working as hard as you should be, my friend. To download the program, you can head to Mobylo’s official site and download a ZIP file, installing the MultiAlarm to your device using the desktop manager. The company’s also made an OTA download available if that’s your bag. A quick and simple installation saw a new analog clock show up on my home screen, and I’m set to set these alarms. Mobylo’s MultiAlarm let’s you set an alarm that goes off once, daily, Monday to Friday, Saturday-Sunday, and/or set a custom alarm for various days at a various time.

Mobylo recommends that you check out the “Getting Started” PDF for Multi-Alarm before you get going, and I’m glad I did. Before doing anything, head to the Profiles on your device and hit the “edit” button. Scrolling down, you’ll notice three new options - MultiAlarm tones 1-3. Edit these to set what tones you’d like to stir you from your sleep (editing your options for when your device is both in and out of it’s holster), and be sure to unmute them. I can’t stress that last point enough (I just may be speaking from experience…).

It’s the options of the MultiAlarm that sets it apart from the default alarm that’s already on your device. I’ve been using that one since I picked up my 8700r, but I think MultiAlarm’s about to shuffle it’s way into the rotation. Being able to have different alarms for different occasions is a huge selling point for me - I really hated having to go into my alarm preferences around three or four times a day to reset my settings.

The once alarm is for one-off’s. Say you’ve got a documentary airing about the wonders of wheat at 8pm on a certain channel that you just can’t miss, set this one-off alarm to go off as a reminder. Show starts at 8pm? Set the alarm for 7:55 to allow for popcorn popping, the alarm’ll let you know when it’s time to get down to business, and that’ll be it for that alarm. The same time will roll around the next day, and no alarm’ll leave you puzzled at 7:55 in the evening while you’re hopefully putting better use to your time. Perfect.

Have a job? First, let’s hope so, and secondly, the daily alarm is your new best friend. This alarm serves the same purpose as the default alarm on your BlackBerry, going off at a set time each day. Just like all of the other alarms featured by Mobylo in the MultiAlarm, you can edit how long the snooze is set for (choose between one, five, or 10 minutes). Now, everyday at your ungodly wake-up hour, the tone you set earlier in your profiles will tell you it’s time to trudge into work for another day of loveliness.

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3 Responses to “Mobylo’s MultiAlarm reviewed”

  1. BlackBerryInsight » MultiAlarm Final Release
    January 19th, 2007 21:31

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  2. markovex
    February 10th, 2007 14:56

    Hmm… I tried MultiAlarm and have a differing opinion as to its value. I think what disappointed me most was that sure, you have 5 alarms, but they all sound the same. So you can’t discern which alarm it is by any audible clue. Given that you can’t choose any of the audible clips that you may already have on your blackberry, midi or mp3, how is it better than the built in calendar application, which allows infinitely multiple alarms?

    I believe for the price I was expecting something along the lines of SPB Time in the Pocket PC world or Bob’s Alarm in the Palm world.

  3. Help me develop software you want. - : Your Number One BlackBerry Community
    February 17th, 2007 17:06

    […] Originally Posted by simon_hed I have searched high and low for a decent alarm application. I know that isn’t very sexy, but every cell phone I have had in the last 5 years has a better alarm than my 7130e. The pocketpc I ditched to get this thing had a very flexible alarm built into it. You could have multiple alarms and have them active on different days at different times. An LG cell phone I once had had 3 alarms, plus a quick alarm. You could set that very quickly to alarm in 10 or 30 minutes, or 1 to 20 hours. Very useful. The alarm on the 7130e is not very flexible. Thanks. Hey, check this out if you haven’t. BlackBerryCool Mobylo’s MultiAlarm reviewed […]

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