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mikeybuilds.jpgIt’s great learning about the men behind the mission from time to time. I’d like to point you all to a great read from that gives an analysts view of RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis and speaks heavily about how the Pearl came to be and where it’s bringing Research in Motion in the future. The article focuses on the closeness of Lazaridis with his employees, noting weekly meetings with engineers and designers.

To stay close to his engineering team, Lazaridis keeps his office in RIM’s research and development facility. He shares leadership responsibilities with co-Chief Executive Jim Balsillie, whose office is in the finance department. The dual-CEO structure was a natural decision, says Lazaridis.

“My background has been very much engineering, whereas Jim’s is very much finance,” Lazaridis said. “So many aspects of the technology we use has to be built from scratch, which takes a tremendous amount of focus. So it was very easy for us to carve out a role for a more technical CEO and one with more traditional responsibilities.”

There were way too many great pull quotes from this article, so like I said, I highly recommend the read for anyone looking for more insight into Lazaridis and how RIM is as strong as it is today. It helps when you’ve got a couple of great backbones like Balsillie and Lazaridis, I’m sure.

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