RIM provides yet another status update


What’s going on with RIM and these security committees reminds me of my teenage years when my mom would pester me to check in with her, making sure I wasn’t following the path of the devil and such. I digress. On Friday, RIM provided another status update, letting the world know that they’ll be checking in with these committees a couple times a week until they’re satisfied with RIM’s stock ongoings.

“(RIM) provides this status update pursuant to the alternative information guidelines of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). These guidelines contemplate that the Company will normally provide bi-weekly updates on its affairs until such time as the Company is current with its filing obligations under Canadian securities laws. “

As is the norm, RIM still doesn’t expect any material adjustments to their original numbers for Q’s 2 & 3. I’ve a feeling these status updates will slow in the upcoming months. The SEC is digging for something that isn’t there, methinks.

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