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TWiST’s TaskManager reviewed

Lately, it seems like companies are all about fitting more and more into a product. Execs are cramming add-on after add-on into these programs, so much so that it’s making the general populous a little queasy.

It’s this analogy that led me to reviewing TWiST’s TaskManager, an application for your BlackBerry that manages tasks, and that’s it. There’s no add-on’s here, folks. You get what you pay for (at a pretty great price), and you can finally cram more into your day than the company did into the product.

Like a good company should, TWiST had their target market at top of mind when they were putting TaskManager together. The demographic they’re seeking out are the busy-busy corporate folk who’re too busy with today to deal with the tomorrow. TaskManager provides an easy solution to, well, managing tasks with a clean, easy-to-use interface and great functionality.

The program can be picked up from Handango or from us here at the BlackBerry Cool Store. The application gets loaded onto your BlackBerry using the desktop manager after a quick ZIP download. No lies, I doubt it took me 2 minutes from the time I purchased the app until it was on my device - it’s that simple of an application. Thankfully in this case, simple doesn’t mean shoddy.

As soon as you start up TaskManager, you can tell that you’ll be in good hands. All of the options are laid out right away with no menus burying further options to confuse you like in boatloads of other applications. You can choose to “add tasks”, “manage tasks”, “view by priority”, “view all”, or check out “today’s tasks”.

Adding a task, like the application itself, is really easy to figure out. Click on the option and it’ll bring you into a couple of fields to be filled in, including the date and description of the task at hand. Then select what type of task it is, beit “business”, “personal”, or “other” (anyone have any idea what task wouldn’t be business or personal?). The last quick step involves you choosing between a high, medium, or low priority for the task. That’s all there is to it.

After you’ve created a few, you may need to manage them, adjusting priorities and the like. Have an important meeting that takes precedence over your daughter’s ballet practice at the end of the week? From the “managing tasks” menu, you can put the meeting ahead simply by adjusting the priority levels. From this menu, you can edit the date, description, and all the other info you originally entered for the task.

If you want to see what tasks you don’t need to worry all that much about just yet, hit the “view by priority” selection to see which tasks are set to “low”. Same obviously goes for the “medium” and “high” level tasks. Want to see your entire plate and how full it is? “View All” has that covered. Relax, I’m sure you can get everything done.

“Today’s Tasks” is pretty self-explanatory, but the bonus to this screen is that you can set it to pop up when TaskManager launches. This feature, as well as the default settings for each task entered, can be changed under “preferences” in the menu once the click wheel’s been pressed.

A quick and dirty review for a quick and clean product. If RIM and the BlackBerry were smart, this or something similar would become a default app on the UI. TaskManager would undoubtedly be a great tool for the busiest of buesinessmen, but it’d be of help to anyone who needs a little help from time to time organizing both their thoughts and tasks at hand. To learn more about the application, head to TWiST’s official site, and for the great price of $3.50 USD (and I’m not just saying that), TWiST’s TaskManager is available from the BlackBerry Cool Store.

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2 Responses to “TWiST’s TaskManager reviewed”

  1. Jim
    January 24th, 2007 08:48

    Sorry to say this, looks like a great app, but it is missing one essential feature that Blackberry’s built-in “Tasks” has.

    Outlook (or Notes) syncing.

    Sorry to say but this is make or break for a busy exec, who do you think puts most of the tasks in their list? Not them, but their secretary or PA, and if the secretary can’t get the task details in front of him without needing to physically handle his BB, then he probably won’t see it.

    The beauty of the built-in Tasks is that a secretary can just open he boss’s outlook Task list on her screen, add the task to the list, and within minutes its ready for him on his Blackberry no matter where he is in the world.

  2. Steve St. Pierre
    January 24th, 2007 15:22

    Really great point, Jim. Thanks for the comment.

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