Introducing the BlackBerry pen

If I wanted a stylus, I’d had bought a Treo. Let me just get that out of the way. But the gist of this story is that there’s a pen out there, the Paper IQ digital pen, in fact, that uses a “special” pen and “special” paper so that notes you write can easily be transcribed to your BlackBerry. How “special”.

“The system works by tracking what you’ve written and the replicating that in the accompanying software. Of course in reality it doesn’t care whether you’ve written a “t” or a “p” all it cares about is what dots you’ve joined up to make that letter and then works it out later.”

“While skeptical, in practice the system works amazingly well. The software virtually matched all our hand written characters from the outset and the system has the capability to be taught your writing style so you can get better results over time.”

Check out for the full review of the Paper IQ digital pen. My thoughts? Did you even read the first sentence?

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