Buy & Sell on the BlackBerry with Digby

While the lot of you were concluding business deals on your BlackBerry, the folks at 30 Second Software were hard at work putting together a piece of software so you can worry about even more buying and selling. The mobile commerce tool is called “Digby”, “an electronic commerce service that radically simplifies the buying experience by combining rich content from name-brand retailers with an intuitive shopping process that is optimized for mobile devices.” Intense.

“The market is ripe for e-commerce to explode on mobile devices,” said Ian Gilliot, Managing Director, IGR Research, “but merchants have been challenged on how to deliver an experience as rich as the desktop to these devices. Applications such as Digby bridge that gap by delivering the type of rich content that users demand.”

“To BlackBerry users, their devices are essential lifestyle convenience tools which contain all of their personal and professional information. Digby is a service that leverages this lifestyle information to enable BlackBerry users to be more productive.”

You can check out the full press release here.

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