Special Report: BlackBerry Technical Seminar recap

A recap from the BlackBerry Technical Seminar for IT Professionals, Virtual Edition: BES 5.0 pushed to Q3 2007, TONS of new features included in forthcoming BES 4.1 service packs

Aside from the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, which is held every Spring, Research In Motion also holds a less expensive, single-day seminar for BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators and application developers, entitled Connect With The Experts. In the past, this event has been in the neighborhood of $150-200. Earlier today, RIM decided to offer this same general experience through the use of a convenient technology medium that’s near and dear to us all - the Internet.

RIM is no stranger to the web-offering market, serving dozens of webcasts per month through their Enterprise Resource Center; however, this does mark the first time they have offered their CWTE seminar in a virtualized environment, complete with meet-and-greet sessions, a lunch break / Q&A session, and opportunities to network and schmooze with other attendees, speakers, and vendors.

Although it was personally a bit slow on some functions for me, it was an overall pleasant experience, and I’m sure most of us aren’t complaining about flights or drives that we’ve had to take in the past to attend these seminars.

Due to RIM’s innovative approach to reach more customers, users, and professionals, today’s virtualized BlackBerry Technical Seminar for IT Professionals saved my company an estimated $500! For that, they definitely receive a big ‘THANK YOU!’ from our T&E department, as well as MANY other companies.

With that introduction out of the way, I will jump right into the seminar’s offerings. For the majority of the content presented today, it differed very little from what I’ve seen in person over the last two years that I’ve attended the seminars in Atlanta. You had your introductory keynote speech, along with overviews of their current product lines of handheld devices and server solutions.

These early hour segments ushered you into the ‘Breakout Sessions’ which focus more on specifics, such as monitoring and failover, security implementation, and new feature overviews and introductions for the BES product.

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