Digg with your BlackBerry

Get digging on your BlackBerry without getting dirty (unless that’s your thing, and if it is, you’re in the totally wrong part of the web). Just a little tip for all of you web-enthusiasts that the social bookmarking site known as Digg.com is ready and waiting to be dugg on your BlackBerry.

All you’ve gots to do is point your favourite web browser to DiggRiver.com to see the top stories of the day laid out right in front of you all neat and tidy on your device. A great little add-on from the folks at Digg to show that they care about their mobile-toting audience.

And a little sidenote on Digg. Ever see a story on BlackBerry Cool that you deem as “digg worthy”? Just take a quick peek below the post to find the little Digg logo (the tiny grey man wielding a shovel). Just click that logo to quickly and easily submit our story to be fed on by the masses. Did you successfully digg one of our yarns? Take a screen cap, send it our way, and you could be walking away with some free goodies for your BlackBerry courtesy of BB Cool.

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January 29th, 2007 at 6:11 pm

I like getting dirty, and I’m here. hmm. Steve have some sort of behind-the-scenes ‘Adults Only’ pages on here? :)

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