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ThoughtPiece: Which Celebrity Would You Like to See in a BlackBerry Ad?

Thought loosens his tie a little this week with this one. Give it a read and some solid thought. Pun kind of intended, I guess.

It’s Super Bowl week in the US and in honor of all of the marketing hype that this represents, I thought I’d have some fun. I would like to comment on some celebrities that I would like to see used in advertising for the BlackBerry brand. I am a realist and so do not expect any of this to actually happen, but then again I was also foolish enough to recommend that RIM spend the big bucks on a Super Bowl ad. So, thoughtful readers, please indulge me in my flights of fantasy.

I’d like to state that what prompted my thoughts on this was reading many others say that BlackBerry needed a better consumer marketing campaign, and then almost invariably adding a recommendation to use some celebrity like Paris Hilton. In fact, I’d say that Paris Hilton by far is the most recommended celebrity spokesperson on the BlackBerry blogs (Not this one, mind you - Steve); it seems that everyone just kind of thinks of her first.

That’s natural; she’s seen as a symbol of popularity with teenagers, she was once associated with a Sidekick marketing campaign, and she is always caught in photographs using a BlackBerry. But surely, I thought, we can do better than that. Here are my suggestions at doing better:

Norah Jones. She’s classy, she’s attractive, and she is hugely popular with a large age demographic as well as a more affluent demographic. Imagine using her new single “Thinking About You” as the backdrop to an ad showing a couple BlackBerry’ing each other. If RIM wanted an attractive young female singer, she would be the one. I would take one Norah Jones over the whole list of troubled teen stars like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, et al.

Wyclef Jean. Again, another class act. He’s popular in the hip hop world and seems like he is very tech savvy.

Matthew Fox. The actor who plays Dr. Jack Shephard on the hit TV show “Lost.” Dr. Jack would be the perfect spokesperson for an ad on how, with the GPS capabilities of the 88xx/89xx series, one would never have to worry about being lost.

Masi Oka. The guy who plays the cool Japanese dude “Hiro” in the show “Heroes.” He would have major geek appeal, and his character’s time-shifting powers would be a great way to position the magic of instant push email.

The BlackBerry is known as a solid, smart device and those representing the brand also should be seen in that light. I’ve attempted to identify celebrities with quality reputations who are popular with key demographic segments of the market. Each also has a unique image and identity that would add some fun and flavor to the BlackBerry consumer brand. So now I ask you, thoughtful readers: which celebrity would you like to see in a BlackBerry ad?

Steve’s note: Who would I like to see? Jon Stewart. He’s got a wider audience than most would expect, and appeals to both the sock/sandal and flip-flop crowd. Could be a good choice. Just my two cents.

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5 Responses to “ThoughtPiece: Which Celebrity Would You Like to See in a BlackBerry Ad?”

  1. justelise
    January 31st, 2007 08:40

    I agree with the Masi Oka comment. He could freeze time, whip out his BB, and reschedule stuff. It’d be funny.

    But seriously.. I don’t care if a celebrity pushes blackberry or not — I’d like to see a blackberry commercial with different people from different walks of life accomplishing different things with their blackberries. A poet or writer on a subway writing the lyric they later deliver to applause on stage. A stand-up comic revising their act and reading the BB in the wings of a theater (or on stage ala John Mayer). A Soccer mom taking phonecalls and rescheduling play dates and doctor’s appointments for her family.

    I think that seeing commercials with real people who aren’t wearing blue suits and trucking through an airport terminal would be beneficial to the public. It can further break down the stereotype that all blackberry users are suits workin’ for the proverbial man.

  2. A
    January 31st, 2007 12:46

    Damon Dash or Jay Z

  3. George
    January 31st, 2007 15:12

    It would have to be a sports athlete. I remember RIM use to use Carlos Delgado as spokesperson for the devices when they were still know as RIM handhelds and not Blackberrys.

    I think a guy like Lebron James would help, they should do a tie in with Lebron’s Nike campaign. You know, the one with multiple Lebrons.

    It should go something like this, Business Lebron and Grampa Lebron are playing 1 on 1. Then Business Lebron gets an email and says ‘hold up I got this important email to answer’. Then Grampa steals the ball and does a Dr J slam and then goes on a tirade about the generation of kids these days with their fancy pants technology.

  4. Greg
    January 31st, 2007 18:41

    Masi Oka! Hiro, Hiro, Hiro! This guy is great, and gets my vote without a doubt:)

  5. BlackBerry-News .com » ThoughtPiece: Which Celebrity Would You Like to See in a BlackBerry Ad
    February 1st, 2007 09:24

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