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beamberry.jpgWe get enough press releases at BlackBerry Cool to fill up the Library of Congress’ hard drive. I’m not complaining, though. BeamBerry Solutions let out a release this morning announcing their BeamBerry Software Suite that lets users view, print and store e-mail document attachments on BlackBerry devices.

The service comes free of charge (for now) from the BeamBerry folks (I just like saying the name) and it works on all devices. Check out the entire press release for BeamBerry after the jump.

BeamBerry Solutions Introduces the BeamBerry Software Suite to View, Print and Store E-mail Document Attachments on BlackBerry Devices

Fairfax, Virginia - January 29, 2007 - BeamBerry Solutions, Inc., announced today the launch of the Early Access Program (EAP) during which BlackBerry users can use the BeamBerry Software Suite 1.1.2 free of charge. BeamBerry gives BlackBerry users the ability to view, print and store e-mail document attachments that they receive. The software supports PDF, MS Office (Word, PPT, XLS), and RTF formats, as well as ZIP archives. BeamBerry software works on virtually any BlackBerry model (running OS 4.0 and later), not just the latest model.

BeamBerry viewer service, BeamView, enables BlackBerry users to view document attachments exactly as they would look on a regular computer. Users are presented with a thumbnail view of the pages in the document and can then open any of the pages, adjust the zoom level, move from page to page, etc. The quality of the documents viewed (i.e. text, images, formatting, etc.) is that of an original document. Opening a document attachment is very natural. All it takes is navigating to the e-mail message containing the attachment and opening it with BeamBerry. The document opens in a matter of seconds, with no extra e-mail messages leaving or arriving in your mailbox.

BeamBerry printing service, BeamPrint, enables BlackBerry users to print their document attachments to a printer via Bluetooth. If the printer is not Bluetooth enabled by default, a Bluetooth printer adapter can be connected to the printer’s USB port to make it Bluetooth enabled. BeamPrint supports over 1500 different printer models.

BeamBerry virtual file system, BeamDisk, allows BlackBerry users to store their document attachments. Users can create various folders in which to organize their documents and perform various basic operations on the attachments (cut, copy, paste, rename). All documents stored on BeamDisk can be viewed and printed at any time. The original e-mails containing these documents can be deleted from the mailbox thus preventing it from being cluttered.

For more information, to download and use the BeamBerry Software Suite free of charge during the Early Access Program please visit the company website at: http:/

About BeamBerry Solutions, Inc.

BeamBerry Solutions, Inc., is a privately held company headquartered in Northern Virginia and founded in 2006. The company’s mission is to provide the most advanced and innovative solutions for viewing, printing, storing and sharing document attachments on BlackBerry devices. The company’s founders firmly believe that in order to get the full value of their BlackBerries business users require sophisticated document management capabilities to which they have become accustomed without the loss of quality or productivity. Therefore, the key guiding design principles of BeamBerry Solutions have always been high quality, reliability, security and transparency.

To contact BeamBerry Solutions:

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  1. 1 Archiberry

    I think their server is overwhelmed with requests this morning… The software emails the document being viewed to their server and requests the thumbnails back.. Not sure how I feel about sending all my information to a third party.

  2. 2 Steve

    Does anyone know anything about this company - is it legitimate? Their web site offers NO information about a real business location/address, NO telephone numbers, and NO names of real people. And after searching for “beamberry” on Google, you see their web site was under construction as of 1/27/07.

  3. 3 Lungboy

    I took a look at it concerned it might be a trojan or phishing application.

    The website was created December 26, 2006 and there was no identifying information about it.

    After looking a bit further I think this is just a bad app. It uses your device as a relay to send an attachment to his server that creates a screenshot.

    So you download the whole attachment from your BES/BIS, resend the whole attachment to his server, then download the image back to your device.

    If you have a 6k document, that’s fine. If you have a 600k PDF, you’re going to use ~1.2 meg to view the attachment.

    If you make a mistake and download a 10 Mb Powerpoint file, better dip into your kid’s education fund to pay for your wireless charges.

    Interesting idea, but I don’t think it’s scaled, secure or feasible.

  4. 4 Beamberry

    Thank you for your interest in BeamBerry. We are particularly thankful for the attention considering since we somehow managed to time the launch of our product to coincide with the release of Vista ;). We wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of the questions raised in this forum.

    BeamBerry Solutions is a startup company that launched its BeamBerry service for viewing, printing and storing PDF and MS Office document attachments, free of charge under the Early Access Program, on January 29th, 2007. The solution uses a server to process the documents and stream them as images back to the BlackBerry device. To learn more about how BeamBerry works please see here:

    All existing solutions in this space use server side processing as the BlackBerry device itself is not currently powerful enough to handle all of that locally. One of the ways in which BeamBerry is unique is that it does not clutter your mailbox with extra e-mail messages and does not require you to wait for a reply e-mail from the service in order to view the document attachment. Instead, everything is made transparent and the document opens up shortly after “Open with BeamBerry” is clicked.

    BeamBerry viewer has the ability to open even very large documents. The time it takes to open a document will vary based on its size and other factors, but the solution is very scalable.

    There is currently an issue with the service for the BlackBerry Pearl model. Our technical support team is working aggressively to resolve this issue and the service should be available shortly for that BlackBerry model. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    As this is an Early Access Program, we would sincerely appreciate any feedback you could provide for how we may improve BeamBerry. If you encounter any issues, please notify us and we will work to resolve them promptly.

  5. 5 stevestr

    I would never use this service just to read my documents on my BB, especially where your company does not allow disclosure of private company information to any third party without a signed not disclosure agreement from the recipient(s). Here is their terms and agreement (EULA). Its mainly what you (the end user) can and cannot due with their software. In short, their EULA indemnifies BeamBerry Corp., (including their own negligence, incidental, consequential or otherwise), and to the extent of any damages suffered by the end user(s) of their software, damages are limited to the actual amount paid by the end user, in this case $0, and in not event exceed $100 in damages. Here is their policy on the documents they get from you:


    “You are solely responsible for all document attachments that you view, print, share or store using our service (”Materials”). You acknowledge that BeamBerry Solutions will do its best to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your documents. However, you agree not to hold BeamBerry Solutions liable if confidentiality, integrity and/or availability of your documents are compromised. You further represent that you have all rights necessary for you to make the grants in this section.”.

    What they are saying in this section of their “one sided agreement” is that you (the end user) will not hold BeamBerry liable for the confidentiality of your documents that they receive from you if they are compromised. Ooops! Can you imagine someone else “accidentally” getting copie(s) of your documents and selling them for profit?

    Finally, their privacy policy is superceded by the EULA under the SEVERABILITY section, which states (in part):

    “This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between YOU and BeamBerry Solutions and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements and understandings, whether oral or written”.

    Basically the privacy policy takes us right back to their EULA (excerpt direct from their privacy policy):

    “BeamBerry Solutions will take precautions to ensure that confidentiality, integrity and availability of your documents are preserved (subject to liability limitations as outlined in the “End User License Agreement”)

    The so called “liability limitations” stated above as outlined in the EULA is that there is no liability whatsoever on the part of BeamBerry in the event your documents are compromised and/or their confidentiality is not preserved. Now who in their right mind would ever use BeamBerry for their documents?

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