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UPDATE: There is a new version of the iBerry Theme available for BlackBerry. It also supports the BlackBerry Pearl. Check the link below for more info

iBerry 2.0 Today theme available

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from the long URL that is BlackBerryThemeCentral.com. BBTC’s head of operations dropped me a note this morning to let me know about his newest addition to the theme library, and I think you’ll all be pretty impressed. Presenting (wait for it…) the iBerry.


We’ve got to hope that this won’t cause the same uproar as other iPhone themes have, but get while the getting’s good, folks. The iBerry theme for the BlackBerry 7100 (other models coming soon) is a premium theme from BlackBerry Theme Central and is available with a donation of $5 or more.

36 Responses to “iBerry Theme for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Stac

    Cool - but as usual, Pearl users are outta luck. When is the theme editor going to be updated for the Pearl already???

  2. 2 Steve

    For instructions on how to skin your Windows mobile see this - http://www.shorttext.com/hq89q

  3. 3 Shayne

    Hello all! iBerry is now also available for the 8700 series Blackberry!! For those Pearl users that are left out I make wallpapers for the Pearl!!


  4. 4 joedonh

    Please tell me that this is not a screenshot of the final skin, and that Calendar is spelled correctly if I download this.

  5. 5 jterran

    Calendar is still spelled incorrectly as Calender . . . I downloaded the trial.

  6. 6 Shayne

    I assure you all that Calendar is spelt correctly

  7. 7 Julius Firl

    i don’t like this theme.
    its too buggy and not free.


  8. 8 awesomeman12

    hey that iberry is awesome
    but how much is it?

  9. 9 BlackBerry Cool

    Their themes are $15 for 3, so you’d get two other iBerry themes to go along with it.

  10. 10 Eric Sonnabend

    Is the iBerry iPhone theme for the “Blackberry 8703e” available yet?

    Also we are building an application for the Blackberry 8703e and want to get the word out soon to all those who own a Blackberry 8703e once we are in Beta. What Blackberry forum would be best suited to the “Blackberry 8703e” user base?

  11. 11 Eric Sonnabend

    Searching for a Blackberry developer, link to out Craigslist add

    Thank you in advance for your help!!

  12. 12 Yazmeen

    Does the iberry skin work for the 8830? Thanks!

  13. 13 Themes

    I found another site that has this theme i and it was only $2.99 when i purchased it for my pearl. Its hot i like it.



    O yeah they also have free ones as well and you can email them and they will create a theme for you :)

    It works on the 8700, 8300, 8310, 8700 and 8800

  14. 14 foobar

    If you want to look like an iphone, just buy a damn iphone.

  15. 15 moorken

    This theme is a real bitch, why don’t they just give these themes for free? I’m not willing to pay 5 bucks for a theme, why should i? You can download them for free at http://www.blackberrythemes.net

  16. 16 ghulam kakepoto

    Is there a iphone theme for sony ericsson PI1? Please let me know.

  17. 17 nadine

    Hope you don’t need any support. I purchased, downloaded. Got nothing. Tried to get support for more than a week and got nothing but autoresponders.
    Two thumbs down for customer service.

  18. 18 BlackBerry Cool

    Hey guys!

    Looking for an update to the iBerry theme? Check out the iBerry 2.0 theme from Bplay. It also works for BlackBerry Pearl users!

    iBerry 2.0 Today Theme Available

  19. 19 Dave

    Thought I’d add to the list. http://www.themes4bb.com is a great place for themes. However, to keep up to date with themes go to http://www.berryreview.com/

  20. 20 Blackberry Ready

    Hey i found a new place you can dig just blackberry links, themes and more. http://www.digblackberry.com of course we need to link back to blackberrycool.com for sure.

  21. 21 jillyn

    when will this get updated for the blackberry curve?

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