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BeamBerry questions answered


Yesterday we broke news about BeamBerry Software Suite, a new piece of software from the folks at BeamBerry Solutions that let’s you view, print, and store email attachments on your BlackBerry. There was some question regarding BeamBerry’s legitimacy, so we thought we would highlight a comment made by a member of the BeamBerry team.

Thank you for your interest in BeamBerry. We are particularly thankful for the attention considering since we somehow managed to time the launch of our product to coincide with the release of Vista. We wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of the questions raised in this forum.

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Keep BlackBerry, switch carrier with new bill


As they proved with their election of the Terminator, California is well on it’s way to turning the world on it’s head. A new legislation’s been introduced to help customers tell their carriers to kick rocks and keep their current cell phone, all wrapped in a little something called Senate Bill 158.

The senator is calling for new legislation. Consumers would be able to use their cell phone even after changing carriers. “We see it as the government standing up for consumers where consumers have no choice,” said Florez. “This is a monopoly if you think about it.”

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China to sit in 3G waiting room even longer


Merci, Engadget. Looks like folks in China are going to have to wait out the arrival of 3G even longer, or so says China’s controlled media system. While manufacturers were looking to cash in on the technology in Q1, they’re going to have to wait even longer than the four years it’s been already - all the way until Q4 of 2007. On the bright side, mobile users over there won’t have crazy data bills just yet. That’s a plus, right?

BBHub closes up shop tomorrow


I’d like the lot of you to take note of a recent post made by BBHub’s head of everything Russell Shaw. There’ve been some reports stemming out over the last few weeks that AOL was planning on shutting down/consolidating some of their smaller niche blogs, and BBHub unfortunately got lumped into that category and will cease publication tomorrow.

I won’t get all wishy-washy, but my thanks and kudos go out to Russ and the rest of the BBHub team for their hard work and great BlackBerry coverage. It’s been a pleasure.

Beam your documents from your ‘Berry


beamberry.jpgWe get enough press releases at BlackBerry Cool to fill up the Library of Congress’ hard drive. I’m not complaining, though. BeamBerry Solutions let out a release this morning announcing their BeamBerry Software Suite that lets users view, print and store e-mail document attachments on BlackBerry devices.

The service comes free of charge (for now) from the BeamBerry folks (I just like saying the name) and it works on all devices. Check out the entire press release for BeamBerry after the jump.

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Jim Balsillie gives a pep talk


I can’t picture the crowd standing on their feet and swinging novelty towels around when RIM’s co-CEO Jim Balsillie tries to rev them up, but we know that’s what’s happening in their hearts. I digress. A report from the Globe and Mail has Jim Balsillie issuing a call to action during the Board of Trade dinner in Toronto on Monday. Jim gets real for a second and tells the spectators to live outside the box.

“When I was a kid I used to think there was this kind of council in the sky of old guys that made sure the world worked okay,” Mr. Balsillie said in a speech at the Toronto Board of Trade’s annual dinner.

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