Monthly Archive for February, 2007

Removing the logo from your BlackBerry 8800


See, I wouldn’t hate on Cingular so much as to completely remove the logo from my device. These folks have, though, and I’m more than happy to send pass along the tips. Forums user akgrown has put together a step-by-step to removing that aesthetically unpleasing Cingular logo using a simple list of tools.

Items used:
-”new-ish” penny
-nail polish remover
-cotton t-shirt
-Colgate Total Whitening Gel toothpaste (the secret ingredient)

For the complete how-to, click here.

Experiencing Phantom Status Light Syndrome?


Guilty as charged, I think. If you haven’t heard of it, there’s an epidemic slowly sweeping all of us over called “Phantom Ring Syndrome” or even “Phantom Vibration Syndrome”. This is when we think we hear our BlackBerry device going off when it’s actually just laying there stagnant.

Well, a post over at HowardForums has planted the seed of another syndrome, this one having to do with your status light: Phantom Status Light Syndome.

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re sitting somewhere… home, work, car… and you’re not looking directly at your BlackBerry. Then, out of the corner of your eye, in your peripheral vision, you see the status light on your 8700 (or your 8100 or 8800, for that matter) blink. And you just KNOW it was RED! There’s no doubt in your mind! You’ve got a new message!

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2.OH NO!: GPS and the BlackBerry


If you missed the opening commentary for 2.0H NO!, check out last week’s column where I lend an insightful look into why BlackBerry addiction isn’t really that bad. I just don’t want to repeat myself, so have at it and come on back.

If you’re up to speed, let’s continue. With the release of built-in GPS on the BlackBerry 8800, the paranoia is starting to set in and folks are even more concerned than ever about being watched while they’re PIN’ing their wife about what’s for dinner (maybe the CIA is hungry, too, that’s why they want to know…). Obviously I’ve got a take on the topic, and to see it in all of it’s glory, hit that jump.

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Missing Sync public preview released for BlackBerry


Mac-folk, pay attention. Everyone else should, too - you’ll all be using a Mac in 10 years, anyway (you heard it here first). We’ve all been trying countless ways to sync up our BlackBerry devices with our Mac computers over the years and to no avail.

Finally, Mark/Space has released a “public preview” version of its forthcoming “The Missing Sync for BlackBerry” - syncing, hopefully, will never have been easier. Thanks to MacWorld for the heads up. I’m excited to give it a run-through when I make it home.

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry enables you to synchronize contacts, calendar info, notes and other data with a RIM BlackBerry smartphone, tethered using a USB cable. Owners of the BlackBerry Pearl model or the new 8800 series handsets can also sync iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists (of unprotected audio).

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ThoughtPiece: The Pace and Perception of Technological Change


It has been noted that the pace of technological change is usually perceived to be slower in the short term but faster in the long term. It’s kind of like watching a plant grow: on a daily basis, it seems to go slowly, yet come back in a month or two and the results will surprise you. The same could apply with perceptions of the growth of a child, one’s learning curve in a class, the construction of a new building, etc.

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E-mail 12-step program creator interviewed!


Now how’s this for a story. Last week we shuffled along a story about a 12-step program for e-mail addiction that had been created by executive coach Marsha Egan. That same story went on to circulate a large press junket, including CNN, ABC News, and some other name-droppable networks.

Well, guess who got the interview with her? Big thanks to Marsha for spending some time with our questions - she’s got a good head on your shoulders, and is pleasant to boot. Read our interview with the creator of the 12-step program for e-mail addiction after the jump.

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