PocketMac meets Apple’s legal team

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Apple users have it tough enough already, constantly being scoffed at by PC-toting troglodytes. Even Apple has issues with their own, apparently. Found out about this late last week, but now that details are more apparent, I thought I’d bring the news to your attention. PocketMac, the makers of the BlackBerry-Mac syncing program, have been handed a cease and desist order (or at least a web version of such) from iLegal over Apple-related themes posted on their site.

Now we have some disappointing news… the folks at Apple feel that our look and feel is TOO similar to the Macintosh, and have asked us to stop selling it. Because we have great respect for Apple specifically, and for the principles of copyright protection in general, we are going to do as they request immediately.

Our plan is to rework the designs so that we can provide a similarly comfortable user interface on the BlackBerry that also respects everyone’s copyrights. So, we’ll have our artists come up with something dazzling that we can share with you without accidentally stepping on anyone’s toes.

Does this mean we should be scared?

  • Mark Sponsler
    If only the goofballs at PocketMac would spend as much time supporting their piece of crap software(ie PocketMac for Blackberry) as they spend on this stuff...
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