BlackBerry 8800c coming February 20

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Stop holding your breath and start baiting it. An email was just sent out from RIM’s head offices inviting folks to take part in an exclusive event put being held on February 20 hosted by Research In Motion’s President, Co-CEO and Founder Mike Lazaridis and Kent Mathy, President of Cingular’s Business Markets Group, and there’ll peptalk from former New York Giants star Tiki Barber, too. What’s happening at the event?

You are invited to join Research in Motion® and Cingular, now the new AT&T, as we reveal new solutions for enterprise productivity and extend the service, expertise and applications that you have come to expect from us.

Mark February 20, 2007 on your calendar for this exclusive event.

If this is anything similar to the email that was sent out when the BlackBerry 8700’s surfaced, guess what, folks? February 20 is the day. Big thanks to Stinsonddog for the tip (and be sure to check out his tips here).

  • MB
    2053 Tuesday 20 Feb
    So, what's up oh soothsayer? My confidence is erroding...
  • alexis
    when will other carriers get the 8800? i heard it was later this month....which one will have a camera?
  • paul bevan
    i spoke to o2 in the uk about the blackberry 8800
    i was told the release date is the 5th of march,
    and there was another model coming out at a later date,
  • Jordan
    I am from Waterloo where this device is built and working with a few of the head of softwear for RIM, I can tell you that Rogers will be the Canadian service provider for this phone fist. I had a chance to use this phone back in the summer time when it was in the test pase. You couldnt flash it around, it was very hush hush. Its a sweet device.
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