Cingular BlackBerry 8800 pricing


Another tip of the hat to Boy Genius for the day. This time, the famed leaker is weighing in with pricing for Cingular’s release of the 8800. Earlier on in the day, BG checked in with in-hand shots of the new BlackBerry, and now we’ve got digits. I suppose all we need now is the device, right?

$299 with 2-year activation
$499 to buy it outright
$50 mail-in-rebate will be available in March

With the release date only two weeks away, it’s kind of late to start saving for when the device rolls out. But now you can plan your upcoming spending accordingly. Thanks again, Beeg.

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  1. 1 Aaron

    Based on the 8700r price last year, the 8800 on Rogers will probably be $349 on a 3 year term, with mail-in-rebates up to $250 based on the BlackBerry Data Plan you choose. Outright $599.

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