RIM is prepping for iPhone battle, says Bloomberg

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Didn’t take long for this kind of talk to start. One of America’s biggest news sources, Bloomberg, is pitting the BlackBerry 8800 against the iPhone, saying that the 8800 is RIM’s preparation for Apple’s rival device (and what an exciting battle it will be). Nice to know we’ve got a good leader who’s standing firm in his dockers.

“Anyone is free to come into this sector and try to compete,” Balsillie said. “This is a rapidly growing space.” His Waterloo, Ontario-based company’s latest product is aimed more at corporate clients than the iPhone, he said.

“The idea of competition has really been quite constant in our world,” Balsillie said today in an interview at the 3GSM conference. “We’re quite convinced that our leadership position is poised to extend.”

Check out the full story on Bloomberg here.

  • L. M. Lloyd
    For that matter, will the 8800 still even be on the market by the time the iPhone comes out? I mean, the 8850 (or whatever it is going to be called) should be out by then, and the 9xxx will be right around the corner. How can the 8800 be "striving to hold on to its lead" against a device that isn't even out yet, when there will be new devices out by the time the iPhone hits the market?
  • L. M. Lloyd
    This article by Bloomberg is exactly the sort of uninformed tripe that makes me wonder if reporters actually do anything all day but listen to their iPod and polish the Apple logo on their notebook while sipping their Starbucks. As we all know, the 8800 has been in the works for quite a while. In fact, I seriously doubt if RIM even knew whether the iPhone was anything more than a rumor by the time they finished the 8800. There have been pictures of the finished device floating around since before anyone outside of Apple had even seen an iPhone. Yet don't let that stop every reporter on earth from painting every phone that has come out since the iPhone announcement as some sort of knee-jerk reaction, or hasty copy of the iPhone.

    I swear, sometimes it seems like half the news media is working out of an office in Cupertino!
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