BlackBerry users have higher income than the Average Joe


moneymoneymoney1.jpgI suppose now that sense of importance that some feel when they’re using their BlackBerry is somewhat legitimized (I don’t actually believe that, but hey, to each their own). An article’s been publsihed on Network Computing’s official site, noting that BlackBerry users make more money and work harder than those without a smartphone device.

BlackBerry and other devices owners do, however, have a higher average income and education level-54 percent completed college and have an average income of $94,000, about 50 percent higher than the national U.S. average.

But that still doesn’t convince users that this kind of lifestyle, the always-connected lifestyle, is a good way to live.

When asked to choose between time and money, 56 percent those who own a BlackBerry or a similar device chose ‘time’ and 44 percent chose money.

So even though we’re always connected nowadays, people always seem to need more time. Why is that? Are BlackBerrys more of a distraction? Do we procrastinate more because we think we can afford to? Stay tuned later this afternoon for an editorial on our new 2.0 society and how we’re so torn with these kinds of issues.

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  1. 1 krad

    this is not surprising… but in 3-5 years… everyone will have a smarter phone

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