BlackBerry Mascot on MySpace explained

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I’m not saying the Globe and Mail gets their tips from BlackBerry Cool, but… ok, that’s exactly what I’m saying. One of their writers has put together a piece behind corporations using social-networking tools like MySpace and Facebook to reach a demographic that really isn’t susceptible to modern advertising efforts.

However, marketing experts note in the piece that a lot of heavy users are actually about the age of 35, thus opening the door for more adult-focused brands.

“A consumer who is into a particular social networking site visits it numerous times a day and spends a lot of time on it,” says Jeff Roach, managing director at Toronto marketing firm Youthography Inc.

“I think a lot of marketers are thinking, ‘how do we tap into those eyeballs there?’ “

Waterloo, Ont.-based RIM declined to talk about the MySpace initiative ( saying it does not discuss its marketing plans.

But Mr. Roach says the BlackBerry site works because it is light-hearted, much like a MySpace page that food company Wendy’s International Inc. set up for its square mascot, which has nearly 72,000 friends on MySpace.

“People just loved to have the Wendy’s square as their friend. Some of these brands at least understand the tone of these things — that it’s a little bit silly, a little bit fun — and that’s what it looks like BlackBerry did here,” Mr. Roach said.

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