BlackBerry missteps in social media marketing

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Poor RIM. Not only do they constantly seem to receive backlash regarding their lack of marketing efforts from “experts” like myself and other folks as qualified as myself (you know, like yourselves), but even when they make some sort of showing, there’ll still be some naysayers in the crowd. This time we’ve got blogger Rohit Bhargava talking about the recent “Share Your Stories” campaign that RIM has run and lists four crucial mistakes that the series makes. Come on, Rohit. They’re trying.

Mistake #1 - Not offering a payoff or incentive for users: Asking consumers to share their stories with you is one thing, but giving them an incentive beyond relying on their affinity for your brand is vital. This is not about turning any campaign into a contest with winners and prizes. The incentive could be as simple as guaranteeing that your story is shared with the most relevant people inside of Blackberry, or sending a personal email of thanks back. The point is, an incentive answers the question of why … and without necessarily promising a financial reward as the answer.

Mistake #2 - Forgetting about photos and video: It probably seems odd in this time of popularity for online video and YouTube for any User Generated Content campaign to launch without some ability for customers to include their photos and videos as part of their submissions. Of course text based entry is easier - but for those customers who really love their Blackberries, why not let them submit images and video. Particularly when one of the coolest features of the new Pearl is the integrated camera.

Go ahead and read the rest if you’re so inclined.

  • Matt
    My pin #'s got me laid 3 times. I love my bb. I also haven't put it down for the last 6 years.Just been up grading. RIM is the best. I don't know about the new ones, but I will always have a place in my hart for a 7280,7290,and an 8700..I'm not 100% sold on the 8800.. I also hate the 8100..That's my story
  • Thought
    Great article...I always thought it was odd that RIM never put a link to that "share your story" campaign on their or homepages...that seems a huge oversight...
  • Rohit
    Hi there,
    Thanks for linking to my article. A reader also pointed out a very cool MySpace promotion that Blackberry is running in a comment to my original post. It seems that Blackberry can do some really fun and unique stuff as well. Shame they didn't get the same team from the MySpace promotion to contribute to this Share Your Story effort. But I definitely appreciate that they're trying and didn't mean to come off as faulting them for that - only hoping that pointing out some observations could help them and others avoid the same mistakes in the future.
  • N8DBB
    Exactly the reason why I am not sending them the reason why I love (and hate) my BlackBerry.

    If you want me to do "free advertising" for you (Of course they are going to use responses to try and stroke their marketing), then you need to give me something for it.

    Hell, I do enough advertising for your devices on a daily basis, so WHERE IS MY CHECK RIM?!
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